She can be both real and not real at the same time. She takes the body of a Baroque build of horse, with a mane and tail that drifts and dances on the wind at all times. Sometimes she will have wings, sometimes not. She can unravel and move like the wind, unseen and invisible but felt by everyone. Her wind can be both calming and terrible. She is always violet colours though. In the temple, her altar is a basin with a purple flame in it, that burns brighter when she is angry. It is where they may come to her and ask for help; she will answer, at most times, but she will not come if she believes that the asker is not worthy of her help. She also has a second form, one which she uses to walk about the world of Liridon without being recognised as quickly. With dark hair, striped markings and tan hide, she retains the baroque build but with much more of a refined shape.
She is like the wind itself. Being patron of intelligence and wisdom, she is the one who watches over everything in regards to this. She feels responsible for everything that has transpired in Liridon, in some manner, from the breath of life to the destruction of the citizen's home. It plagues her a little, but Kaze does not dwell on it. Like the breeze, she releases ill feelings and lets the memories live in her mind in peace. She accepts the mistakes as part of learning, and despite being a goddess, she is always learning. Her temper though is quick when it is ignited. She can be full of wrath; the worst when something terrible has happened. When Enki died, she raged but she was powerless then. Now with him back, there is less chance of this part of her showing, but Kaze has yet to unleash her full dominance of the wind open on Liridon, and it will happen.

She enjoys to give relaxing, peaceful quests that challenge the quester, and tends to be calm and collected. She will not allow them to come to harm during the quests as well and will protect them where possible. In this is where she feels responsible, and she knows she must not allow this to let her interfere.

One of the original four gods of Liridon, Kaze has been around since Liridon's creation. She is the wind, and has control over all aspects of the wind, and weather control. She was less active in quests and she has not brought about disaster yet, but she was there during Pyrrus's fire inferno, when Liridon was cleansed. She was deeply affected when the Voyd killed Enki as well.

When they were young and grown they heralded their first test. Kaze watched, having no power over the disaster unravelling, and again when the fires burned across Liridon. Her wind helped the fire, but she was only there to support Pyrrus.

Liridon settled, and then came the darkness. With a terrible vengeance, the dark creature who guarded the border between life and death lashed out and killed Enki. This made Kaze terrible angry and distraught, unable to focus. Their powers did nothing, and Kaze and Pyrrus united the elements on Mount Zyanya to give the people a weapon, one which failed and was killed by the Voyd but gave them the power to overcome him and free Liridon from his grasp.

As life flooded back into Liridon, Enki had been reborn. Kaze knew it, but she had not seen him. Their world changed though when Liridon's magic was depleted and the world broke. The Elementals left and Kaze will always carry guilt for this. When she and the others woke in the temple, she was lucky enough to remember her past – and she knew there was life here again.

Her natural opposite is Enki the Earth and her natural kin is Pyrrus the Fire.

Master of wind and weather.

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About Kaze

Don't ask us, they haven't told us anything >.>

Gender: Female
Height: 15 hands hh
Played by: Nikkayla

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