Bay, with a pitch black tail and no mane, a headdress sits around her head and ears, beaded necklace that is thick around her neck. Blue war paint on her shoulders and torso, as well as stripes along her rump and markings on her forehead. She has implanted dots around her forelegs and head. She has deep reddish-orange eyes, and long lashes, that seem to glisten madly whenever she is angry. She hides sharpened canine teeth in her mouth.
Fierce, violent, feral. She enjoys causing destruction and chaos, death and violence are the few things she truly understands and respects. Seductive and primal in the way she acts. She is not especially ambitious - she wants simple things. She is sharp, she notices many things - smart enough to rely on others when her own short-comings are obvious. She can be loyal once you gain her loyalty, those that want the same thing as her become brothers in arms. She enjoys causing fear in others, and will often destroy things just to prove she can. She enjoys burning people and making them suffer. Vindictive.
Born to Respane, and grown up in the shadow of her father's wrath, her childhood was a nightmare that Xylieth learned to navigate from a young age. She has inherited her father's vicious manner, although she can be a bit more reserved than he can. Where Respane wanted only to kill, Xylieth is a little more patient and calculated. She studied and learned under her father's instruction until she could no longer bear his aggression. He left Liridon and she did not, hovering on the edges and waiting for the gods to open up the world again.
Manipulation and Creation of Fire. Voodoo, a taste of someone's blood and she can control them (as per player discretion). Nightmares - she can invade peoples dreams and make them have night terrors.
She has a dragon companion called Machi, he is about 10hh.
Art by Nikkayla

About Xylieth

Don't ask us, they haven't told us anything >.>

Gender: Female
Height: 18hh hh
Played by: Collie

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