Loa Code

He has cloudy coat like father, and will pass this on to children as it is part of his heredity. He has inherited the cross skull marking, faint skeletal markings, Omnivorous feeding habits, Very Sharp carnivorous teeth, glowing blue pupil-less eyes, and blue hooves genetic, Jamaican accent are all from his mom and will be passed down from generation to generation as part of his heredity. Inherited disjointed appearance to a lesser extent than his mother, but it will be more prevalent in his children as it is part of his heredity. He has very long flaxen colored mane, leg feathering and tail with blue ends. He stands at sixteen hands high due to being his sire being a draft. He is a warmblood due to his parents having so many breeds. His children will have an Arabian appearance due to his inherited traits. He is of the magenta, black, white and blue in color.
He is kind and caring, he would never hurt any other horse. He believes that his is now a voodoo priest sent here to show others the religion. He likes to sacrifice small animals like rabbits and squirrels. He is very fatherly and would take anyone under his wing. He loves mares and foals. He will have several wives and he will not have a relationship with someone outside of those who he calls his. He is a flirt at times but only when he is looking for mares to call his wives. -Weaknesses- *He doesn't like others who try to steal his mares *He doesn't like those who try and kill foals *He doesn't like to fight but will if he needs to -Strengths- *He loves to practice his religion and hopes to have a herd that will follow his practices *He loves mares and hopes to have many, many to call his own *He loves foals and will have many depending on his wives and if they want any
*Born to a mare named Voodoo Hoodoo Queen and a stallion named Danger Code on an island far from here. *His mother had thought him how to respect the voodoo religion and had learned that his dam had been born into the religion. *Had never met his father until he and his mom wandered into him. *He and his mom got into a fight and he ran away only to get lost. *He had found a land in which her had met his grandsire who's name was Voodoo, he learned even more about the religion. *The land had succumbed to a disaster that he barley got out of. *He met a group of horses and joined them until they called him crazy because of his belief in the voodoo religion. *He also flirted with all the women in the herd so he was kicked out. *He soon found his way here and is searching for a purpose
Shamanism Sorcery Level One: At this level he can detect particular supernatural activity/beings only for a certain distance. Detection may come in the form of a physical pain sensation. He can view ghosts/spirits of deceased and communicate and/or interact with them, even if they have possessed inanimate objects/subjects/people. They may even be able view a visual conception of a spirit world in a trance if desired. This can't be used for long periods of time as it causes him to become very exhausted. Weaknesses: Spirits can turn on him and harm him. Sometimes when he is in her trance it can almost cause him to stay in this until he passes out. He is only able to listen to a spirit but at this point he isn't able to actually speak to them and if he tries it only sounds like gibberish. Sometimes when he calls for a spirit they won't show themselves to him.

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Character design is made by Pariah. I don't know her da though.

About Loa Code

He speaks creole/Jamaican.

Gender: Stallion
Height: 16.0 hh
Played by: Second Chances

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