Nezima is a striking 18.3 hh lady. Probably the first thing you will notice, she is very leggy, long striking legs. Her body is covered in a sapphire blue coat, that is speckled in what looks like the stars in the sky. She has a mark on her forehead that resembles the moon, there are also four larger dots going down to her muzzle. Her eyebrow and left ear both hold piercings. She always wears her necklace, maybe she made it maybe it was blessed to her by a higher deity. No one knows, not even her. She simply can’t remember how she got it.
Nezima is a celestial entity, spending eons in the universe with her brother Lucent creating and destroying the galaxies within. Here she is just like any other equine, though the way she thinks and spends her time may differ from many. Most of the time she will be beside her brother, and that entails chaos, sometimes without worrying what stands in their way. She has a temper, often triggered by Lucent. Enjoying a good bicker match with him, Nezima will constantly stir the pot, her jealousy getting the better of her. Always wanting what he has, if he wants it, she wants it too. Flaunting things in front of him, in the uinverse it would normally be something she had created. Here it may very well be the beings that walk the planet. Her possessions mean everything to her, as mentioned her possessions might be living creatures. She would never admit wrong doing on her part, especially in front of Lucent. Even with her “flaws’’ she can be very sweet. Though she favors the mare body to the stallions she likes to have many “Lovers.’’ Most of all no matter what he does or how crazy he makes her she could never live without Lucent.
Nezima has spent her long life in the universe creating and destroying galaxies. Accompanied by her brother Lucent most of the time, the bickering pair has traveled to the ends and beginnings of the vast universe. Though she is unsure exactly how they came to be, they were formed over many lifetimes. Now they have found Liridon, a place inside a universe completed by neither of them. As two curious minds are, they came down to see exactly what this place was.
Nezima much like her brother can create and completely destroy galaxies, she is an amazing artist in what she does. Here though her powers will be used more for fun, throwing little cosmic blasts. they will feel more like sparks against the skin. Though she is capable of so much more, anything big she does would not be used to hurt another.
Nezimas companion is a king cobra, he has jet black scales, and bright red eyes.He will enjoy taunting her and others, constantly at war with her, just the way she likes it. Argumentative as hell. But he does love Nezima, and would die for her, he would also kill for her. He has a lot of love, only for her.

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About Nezima

Don't ask us, they haven't told us anything >.>

Gender: Mare
Height: 18.3 hh
Played by: Madii

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