She is a tall, lithe but muscular figure who is made solid and strong over years of living in the world. With thickened limbs, and a tough, scaled exterior, Cora is an able fighter and assassin. Her base is a soft white, almost cream over which teal and soft rose play, marked like a paint in the front with okapi striping behind. Her tail is long and she has long tufts of hair right from her poll to the end of her tail, all cream to the same soft white as her coat. She is a kirin, and her scaling is cyan to teal upon her shoulders and gives her true cloven hooves, and teal, icelike horns upon her head. Her eyes are yellow and orange, and never miss anything.
Cora is a cold figure, forged by her mother - abandoned by her as a youngster. She has very little care for herself as seen by the way she is scarred where her scaled hide was pierced. She is shrewd, scrutinising and calculating and never gets involved with anything unless there is some profit for herself. She likes to fight and see other suffer, preferring to be the one inflicting it like the sadist she is. While she is not needlessly cruel, she has tendencies towards sadism - and has no fear of death.

She is capable of conversation and dabbles with her intellect at times, and she is an avid worshipper of the god of Death - though she does not know the name of such a beast.

She was born in Liridon to Sangre and Lucian, but she does not know either of them. She was taken in and raised by an underground group who gave her the skills to survive, and so Cora learned. She was changed from being how she looked at her birth and blessed with the appearance of Kirin, given to her by the god of Death - the one only who Cora worships, and who she seeks, even now - and why she has come to Liridon, seeking this.
She is a master of ice and snow, able to use it as shielding and weapons alike.
Design by Shyponies.

About Cora

Don't ask us, they haven't told us anything >.>

Gender: Female
Height: 19.1 hh
Played by: Nikkayla

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