Yatrubha is very clearly an Arabian, with the broad forehead and clearly dished face and signature pint pot muzzle. He is long and elegant, especially his legs, with a smooth glistening coat that looks like pure gold, lightly dipped with black socks, at the top of which are very fine black spots. This black-and-gold theme continues for the rest of him, as he has a large pair of membrane wings sprouting from his shoulders, and both his long silky mane & tail start black before blending out into golden blonde. Even when his tail is held high, the long gold section still trails along the ground, so he may be seen with it braided or styled to keep it clean, whilst his mane is just barely above ground level, so at times it may also be styled to keep away from dirt or mud.

It is easily noticed that his golden eyes are surrounded in black, though it is not just a blotch of black. Rather, it fades out a little around his brow, and top and lower areas have decorative black spots; this seems much more akin to makeup but it is part of his natural coat. This black fade and spots can also be found on the tips of his ears.

Also to be noted is his two sets of horns; the first set is akin to ram horns, in the way that they grow from his head almost behind his ears, and curve forward around the sides of his face so the tips sit just behind his eyes. The second set grows from the middle of his head, more or less, and are similar to a gerenuk antelope. Both sets of horns are black.

Being the 5th in line for the kingdom, and the 8th born child tends to lead one a little astray sometimes. This is quite true for Yatrubha Savhadhi, the once-prince of the arabian-like Yahia. Given his general spoilt and luxurious life that he and his siblings shared, Yatrubha lead a privileged life and had a rather arrogant attitude to match. Truth be told, that was largely an inheritance from his father, whilst his calm demeanour and very long fuse were inherited from his mother; thankfully, considering his father's short fuse.

He is, probably unsurprisingly, a rather vain creature who has very high standards (in regards to others, of course, but especially to his own appearance); however, over the couple of years since his departure, has mellowed back a little from how he once was; perhaps due to freedom from the pressure of living up to other's expectations of him. This, of course, does not mean he is the easiest of people to befriend, as he still has high standards for the type of people he wants to be involved with, but he often finds himself a little less disgusted about some things; though, he still won't go near anything or anyone filthy if he can help it, and will bathe intensly if he can't.

He is sexy, and he damn well knows it.

Now, he can also become rather possessive over someone who's caught his eye - especially women. Yet, despite his dominant behaviour in this field, he knows who to pick and choose his girls, and follows the rules of safe-words carefully. He is the type to flirt with just about anyone, so long as he finds them interesting in some way (especially if they're simply pleasing to look at, more often than anything else); however, he is not a predator, and will play nice and behave until they're considered old enough; then, who knows what might happen?

Yatrubha is the 5th born son, though is technically the 8th child out of the 12 born into the royal family of Yahia. His mother and father are typically recognised as kind and compassionate rulers, though he knows first-hand that his father can be severely hard-headed and short-tempered at times. His mother tends to keep his father’s temper in check (especially when being directed to their children), but is always present during intense political situations to calm and soothe those involved should things escalate.

Due to his being so far down the line in turn for the crown, Yatrubha tended to go about doing as he pleased with little to no attention paid to his actions by others. Outside of his family, no one would dare tell him he couldn’t do something, or to stop doing something. He would frequent the brothels – not necessarily to actually use their services but to simply admire the women and watch them dance. Often times too, he would be seen with a small tagalong; a servant by the name of Tobi. The unique coat and general attitude of the kid were what intrigued him most, and Tobi was always around to talk to when he needed.

However, when it came to his family, things were a bit different. As one of the more relaxed and carefree of his siblings, he is often looked down on for not having more focus and drive in life. This is something, in particular, his father hates, whilst his mother doesn’t seem to mind; she knows that he is not driven by a desire to lead and rule, and is happy for him to try and find his own way in life if that’s what he wishes.

But it is because of this outlook that Yatrubha got himself in an unpleasant situation. When he was old enough to join the kingdom’s military, around 18, just as each of his other brothers had done, Yatrubha refused; this infuriated his father to such extent that his mother could not calm him, to the point that she threw herself in the way to protect her son from his wrath. Horrified that she had done such a thing, his father stormed off, leaving him and Tobi to tend to his mother’s injuries. Thankfully, they were not life-threatening, but did scar part of her face and neck, resulting in her having to wear a veil to hide the imperfections. Yatrubha felt slight pangs of guilt and regret whenever he encountered her from that point on, and growing hatred towards his father and the tension was always high throughout any interactions thereafter.

As an eventual result of this situation, it was decided that Yatrubha would marry the daughter of another kingdom after his 19th birthday, for the typical political reasons. Upon travelling with one of his younger sisters and their entourages, Tobi included, Yatrubha was disgusted by the pitiful state of the kingdom. There was no sense of style or luxury anywhere, the streets were all dirt lined or, at most, very worn down cobble, and even the palace didn’t deserve such a name. It was more like a glorified barn. Needless to say, Yatrubha was already not impressed, but upon meeting his bride-to-be, he knew how this was all going to end. She was most definitely not up to his standards, and whilst they were rather high, even the girls that worked in the brothels back home were better looking!

However, he played nice at the behest of his sister, and they pretended to enjoy the evening meal and conversations; it made him disgusted that his father was forcing not only him but his sister, to endure this torture. What had she ever done to him?! After the meal, they excused themselves to retreat to their pathetic-excuse of rooms, where, once everyone was asleep, Yatrubha took that time to leave with Tobi in tow, leaving only a brief note to his sister apologising for the stress his actions would put on her, and that he loved their mother and had always felt bad about her injury.

And so he and Tobi left the lands they'd always known as home, Yatrubha leaving his world of gold and jewels and luxury behind; though, this certainly hasn't done anything to change his tastes or general perspectives.

    Family Notes
  • Father: Zrasir
  • Mother: Agisun
  • Younger Sister: Kibala

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Name pronounced Yah-true-vah

Gender: Male
Height: 17.2 hh
Played by: Emberling

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