Ardennais x Lusitano
Dark brown with stars covering across his body in various places in white glimmers. Dappled with lighter and darker mocha-like splatters along his rump, spine, and legs, this Dark brown stallion is a spectacle to see. With a bright golden-colored head and large wings in place of his ears. This stallion is one of a kind. Completed with cloven hooves that shine just as brightly if not brighter than his head, he is surely not to be missed by any. Standing at 20 HH and walking around with a lean thick muscular build, he can push and or pull his weight around with little to no effort at all. Valhalla's tail is short and cropped in dark tendrils of browns and deeper chestnut-colored hues. Braided tail also houses a few smaller jewelry items that dangle from the braids, the beads, and tassels a teal turquoise that stands out against his dark brown palette. The stallion is never seen without his fur coat that can be seen elegantly placed over his back and shoulders tied by a rope and a sigil metal clasp. The same turquoise-colored tassel can be seen duplicated hanging off the fur coat at either side of his shoulders.
""Those who fear the darkness have never seen what the light can do.""
Cold, Thoughtful, Stoic, Somber and protective. Valhalla is a man of silent honor and has no problem running after someone in danger to save/protect them. Though he will protest along the way and state his misfortune for doing so. But he is a man of his word. He has a love for his old gods and ways and often can be seen on many ritual grounds or protected lands in order to get closer to his Gods. Valhalla though he has a love for his gods cannot understand WHY he does. As Valhalla suffers from a trait called Alexithymia, he can not give a titled meaning to his emotions or to the emotions of others.
""Light is the symbol of truth.""
Valhalla can not recall the moment in which he was born, or even those many call 'parents'. He can recall his earlier memories of someone carefully telling him something, but his mind has erased the words from the moment in that time. Perhaps it was about the same time in which he too forgot his own words and stopped speaking altogether. When he was old enough to be what considered a teen, he was already alone and well traveling the world and its many splendors.
(Common powers of Valhalla)
Aura reading/giving - Valhalla is able to use Aura colors to show off his emotional state even if he himself is unaware of the emotion he is under.
Aura Mimicry - Valhalla can use his Aura Reading and turn it into Mimicry, he can feel the emotions of others while copying said emotions and taking on a bit of their personality into himself.
Light Manipulation - Valhalla can manipulate the source of light to make his face/hooves appear as bright as possible. As well as collect small orbs of lights to use as signals.
(Less common powers of Valhalla)
Life Conversion - Valhalla can use his own Spiritual energy to heal others.
Telepathy - Valhalla does have Telepathy but he never uses it - but others who have the same power can see into his mind and read his emotional status better. Valhalla hardly ever uses this power unless he is in dire need of help and will project his feelings/thoughts into others.
Munin - Black Raven Click for ref
Valhalla is a Mute. He can not speak at all and uses Aura Colors to give off his emotional awareness/state.

About Valhalla

Don't ask us, they haven't told us anything >.>

Gender: Male
Height: 20 hh
Played by: SoreWounds

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