Atop a rugged, strong frame lies a tanned, well-worn coat of chestnut, stretched over a multitude of muscles. Spackled onto that tanned hide is white, coating his face in a glorious blaze, with white spread underneath his jaws, stretching from his bottom lip to deep within his throatlatch. With long legs that look like he'd stepped into a pond of white paint, Liam stands at twenty hands high, a height that belays his heritage. The white on his forelegs stretches from his coronets to about six inches from the end of his forelegs. On his powerful back legs, the white stretches from his coronets to the very top of his gaskin on both legs, the white only further continuing as paint droplets coat the middle of his belly. The stallions tail doesn't grow very long, ending just below his hocks. His mane isn't long either, ending just an inch or so past the jugular furrow. The stallion is exceptionally well-balanced, standing at 20 hands high, and weighing just a tick over sixteen hundred pounds.
Resilient. Courageous.

These two words exemplify the very being that Liam Kenway is, though most of the time, others would also point out that the stallion can be stern and serious, though he doesn't intend to come off as such. Most things, such as jokes or pop culture references will go right over his head, especially those that he has no clue existed. Liam seems more old-school than others his age, though he thinks it's because of how he was raised, or where he was raised.

Another way to describe the large stallion is that Liam stands for something. Not always does he know what that something is, per se, but when he finds something that he wants to fight for... By gods, he will fight for it. He's all about justice and fairness, especially if those who are in charge are not ruling or governing as they had promised or like he believes they should be leading. Liam also tries to do the right thing, even if doing so is the hardest thing he's ever had to do. As an example, when growing up and asked why he joined the very same battalion that his father had once served in, Liam's reply had been simply: "I don't like bullies." His belief in doing what is right is the cornerstone of his entire characteristic make-up. Integrity is important to the stallion. It's the difference between having someone trust you and them helping you, or you being left on your own in a life-threatening dilemma. He doesn't waiver when it comes to his convictions, nor does he back down when it comes to justice.

Although Liam refuses to back down when it comes to his convictions, he can admit defeat when he knows he's wrong. Though he can be stubborn and hard to bend on certain things, he's not one who outright refuses to settle on a compromise. He accepts responsibilities for actions and mistakes of those actions, even if it might be the wrong thing to do.

Liam can also quickly figure out how to adapt to a situation and how best to solve it. He understands his limitations and his strengths and weaknesses. The stallion can quickly look to see who fits best in what situation should the need ever arise for such. Very rarely does that aspect of his life go wrong, though he knows that that shoe is going to possibly drop at any second.

Constantly improving his skillset is also another thing that Liam Kenway makes sure to focus on. Not one to just sit around and wait for something to happen, Liam is always in the fray -- either making new friends, allies or even accidentally making enemies, the large stallion is in the thick of it, refusing to back down. It can be considered both a strength and a weakness, depending on who you ask.
Resilient and courageous, Liam Kenway is the son of a commander in the army and a nurse that took care of those wounded in battle. Just a few months before he was foaled, Liam's father - William - was killed in battle, leaving behind a wife and an unborn son that he would never get to meet. However, Liam's mother - Margo - had to keep going for herself and for her unborn colt, no matter how rocky things got. In the wee hours of a hot, sticky, humid summer's morn, the valiant chestnut mare gave birth to a sickly, small chestnut colt that was gifted with the bright white coloration from his father. Liam was a perfect combination of his parents, though his unhealthiness saddened his mother beyond belief, her heart breaking all over again.

Life wasn't easy for the pair. Shortly after being weaned, Liam's mother fell ill with tuberculosis, and she died shortly before he turned a year of age. Heartbroken and dealing with his own illnesses, Liam wandered Angosia - the kingdom in which he had once resided in - for days, lost and confused, dazed and hungry. He was so lost in his own mind that he hadn't noticed when he bumped into someone. This someone was the key to healing his heart, healing his loneliness. Buchanan was, at first, a horrid influence on the young colt. But, as time went on, the pair grew, gangly and unkempt, lost in the ways of the old world. Around them, there were stifling signs of another upcoming war, something that neither of them was expecting.

One day, while Liam was out trying to be something he was not -- pretending to be tough while you were still gangly and sick, even at nearly two years of age was exhausting and embarrassing -- he came to find that Buchanan had joined the military and was set to be shipped out in two days time. The news had devastated Liam. Turned down several times himself because of his stature and his health, the young colt seemingly rebelled and left his friend, not knowing what laid in store for either of them. Liam had grown well [i]enough[/i] -- though he was still quite ill -- and had joined the Angosian army as a recruit, and quickly raised in the ranks to become a captain. However, he'd been shipped out with a band of four other equines to patrol the distant borders, something he enjoyed immensely.

Several years passed, and Liam got the news that Angosia had survived the war that had nearly caused the kingdom to collapse, but he'd heard no news about Buchanan. Hoping that the other stallion had survived, Liam continued on his journey of protecting Angosia's borders (for his team was not recalled to the kingdom), getting lost in frozen tundras, scorching deserts, even sweltering rainforests. The dry heats of the deserts helped cure some of the ailments that Liam had been suffering with, and with the proper nutrition, exercise, and the vast landscapes he traversed, his growth exploded and he found himself healthy for the first time in years -- since he could remember, at least.

Growing tired of finding the same old landscapes and situations, Liam found a portal and was spit out into the land of Liridon, a wondrous world that he hoped had the answers he was looking for.

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About Liam

He's with you till the end of the line.

Gender: Stallion
Height: 20 hh
Played by: Marthanóir

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