At first glance Abaddon's appearance may seem rather odd. First, and foremost, he is a rather huge character carved from a mountain. He stands boldly ranging between nineteen to twenty five hands of height, all rippling muscle combined with a sleek charcoal based body. Facial features are narrow, long and quite dry similar to that of a saddlebred with dark black chimera taking root on the left side coupled with a dark patched nose. Though his neck is set quite high wrapped in cascading dark to light gradient feathering, while the shoulders are uniformly long and powerful. Right shoulder bearing the dark black chimera devouring that same limb, but each limb ending with a golden hoof. Forelegs are longer than his hindquarters so it appears as though he sinks toward the hind end and rises toward the front resulting in a powerful hind end and great freedom in the forelegs. Abaddon's left side of his hind quarters carries the dark black chimera devouring that same limb and portions of his dragon-esque tail.

A set of robust blue to teal gradient horns sprouting from the end of his dark cranium. They offer a wide curve, a bend, reaching forward before bending at a slight angle where the gilded gold caps point downward. Three spikes line themselves at the center ranging from tallest to smallest capped in the same gilded gold. Somehow he'd pierced his own horns with golden hoop attached to these, dangling at the center, are teal spheres. A bright teal gaze reveals itself with dark, slit, pupils. Many would realize this is not a gaze of a kind creature, but instead the lurking gaze of a predator awaiting their owners next victim.

Looking upward you find a set of very large oval shaped ears. Each base has a slightly different hue compared to the other. One on the left is clad in ebony while the one on the right is charcoal, but both are lined in the same glittering gold. Interior of Abaddon's ears stretch further out enhancing his sense of hearing, but the sheer blues that radiate from the dark is beautiful the insides slightly ribbed. Abaddon's cream colored mane is visible, long and sleek but soft to the touch. The same sort of hair is found on the tip of his dragon-esque tail.

Large, beautiful, wings sprout from his shoulders. The beginning of his wings start as black to blue gradient feathers, but as they stretch further back the feathers disappear and are replaced by webbing similar to that of a bat. The huge mass of membrane reminds one of the northern lights dipped in blue to teal gradients. Inner portions beginning as dark blues before reaching outwards into the brighter teals. Fingers of his wings are capped in the glittering gold.
In his youth, Abaddon, was a free-spirited individual who did things on a whim, taking no mind to what others may have thought. A rebellious youngster with something to prove and was driven by his emotions resulting in some careless behavior. Yet he was respectful and polite to those around him, especially the elder generation. Abaddon was naïve in his early love affairs; Loving deeply and recklessly, regardless of the consequences. He was one to crave the thrill of adventure and danger finding he was often engaged in high risk-taking behavior.

Due to taking a dangerously high risk endeavor, Abaddon would be forever scarred warping himself into this new and dangerous creature. Taking on a new outlook on life, as well as a sudden personality change with some of his previous characteristics heightened more so than others. As time passed he found it easier to block out basic feelings resulting in a very dangerous individual. Without his emotions acting as a compass to guide him, he was lost within himself. Abaddon can and is often described as sinister, dangerous, cold, ruthless, unsympathetic, and generally very different compared to his former self. Resulting in an aristocratic, elegant demeanor with a very pragmatic outlook on life. Smooth, handsome, charming, witty and fully aware of it, Abaddon carries himself with an air of supreme confidence (and at times, pure arrogance).

Other basic personality traits include unmerciful, remorseless, careless, cruel, arrogant, and impulsive. Abaddon is also seductively charming and a very dark, compelling character. Finding himself to have become vain, proud, and self-absorbed individual while generally shows an unsympathetic and uncaring attitude toward others. Using whatever and whomever he can to get what he wants; not caring about who he hurts in the process. Because of his highly vain and selfish personality, Abaddon often resorts to either the use of manipulation, threats, or direct coercion in order to get his own way. However, when on occasions where he fails to get what he is after, Abaddon usually displays remarkable temper control. Often viewing such happenings with amusement and curiosity rather than outright frustration. He generally acts flippant and constantly plays word games when dancing around issues. Especially when these issues are directed to his own personal feelings or true intentions. Abaddon doesn’t appear to take life too seriously; he seems to have a rather careless and impulsive approach to many situations.

Abaddon is a very deep, passionate, lustful, and ardent lover resulting in an intense view when delving into love affairs. He is also highly prone to extreme acts of jealousy/envy, possessiveness, chauvinism, and egotistical tendencies when it comes to the opposite sex. Mostly described to be a highly selfish lover and has the desire to possess women especially strong, beautiful women. Abaddon has a rather shallow outlook on what real, true love is. He has described his ideal mate as a strong, physically beautiful, powerful, passionate, and strong willed creature (exactly as how he describes himself). However, despite his highly sexual nature, Abaddon can be capable of romanticism, tender, compassion, and can become highly affectionate. Although he has had many love affairs with various different woman during his life, he has never experienced real, true love at a much deeper level.

Although Abaddon repeatedly admits to passionately loathing any one person, it has been evident throughout the course of his life that he does, and can, love and care deeply about others. Yet has no problem in killing while having no remorse for such acts he causes and lacks any real kind of guilty conscience whatsoever (or at least from what others can see). Though this could be caused by significant violent history he had to endure in his younger free-spirited days.

Despite his generally dark, sinister, and uncaring nature there are some redeeming qualities from before his life changing event that can still be found within the turmoil. Loyalty and trust are two of the qualities that still carry over to his rather chaotic state, but he will not give them out freely. Abaddon still holds onto a certain amount of sympathy and kindness that can be followed with caring and protectiveness, though it is uncommon for those outside of his trusted few to see such things. Instead he prefers letting those on the outside see the monster that he is portrayed to be. Yet, never, would he consider allowing any of his friends to fall into the chaos that he himself had fallen into and will go to any lengths to see that it doesn’t happen.

Unlike the other elementals, Abaddon has chosen to become the monster that they cannot be. Allowing his darker nature to take a stronger foothold; In a sense saving them from the fate that he has brought upon himself and to protect them. Despite his flaws, Abaddon is very loyal, cares about certain lives, and even shows quite a bit of remorse for the mistakes he made. Deep down under his confident exterior, Abaddon appears to be somewhat insecure about the permanent marks on his soul, and implores others not to worry but knowing this is what is best to protect them, briefly displaying an uncharacteristic gentleness and emotional vulnerability.
Darkness, Displacement, quite talented in all manners of Dark Arts.
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About Abaddon

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Gender: Male
Height: 19-25 hh
Played by: Lee

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