Pretty, that's one way to describe her; the colour of the blue and green galaxies on top with soft cream overo patterns on the bottom half. Kirin scales from her nose to the tip of her dragon tail, and hair the colour of mint green and braided in several places. Her eyes are the same soft mint green and on her head a pair of pronged horns that match the colour of her scales.
. wild . carefree . flirty .

Euphrosyne (ew-fro-seen-ee) is never going to settle, she is a free-spirit that likes to roam. In fact one could go as far as to say that she fears commitment. she likes to always be on the road and exploring. euphrosyne doesn't take anything very seriously, she likes to live without anything tying her down and doesn't think of consequences very often. she likes to 'live a little' which means she isn't afraid of causing trouble. a lover, and a leaver.
Euphrosyne never knew her father; she didn't really know her mother either, Alekto travelled with her daughter right up until her daughter was old enough to fend for herself then she left (when Euphrosyne was only 10). She doesn't remember her mother being cruel, or even disinterested - in fact her mother had been kind, almost child-like with her fascination with the new and intriguing. After that Euphrosyne looked after herself, tagging along with varies gangs of children until she got bored of their silly games. Occasionally they would pick pocket, occassionally they would beg - her entire life has been nomadic and unsettled in nature. Its all she has ever known.

Her talent with the gangs stemmed from her ability to shape shift and her enhanced senses - eventually she caught the eyes of various crime-lords, who wanted to use her for her talents, and her beauty. But Euphrosyne didn't want to be used; or tied down to a certain person.

When someone approached her with stories of Liridon she jumped at the chance to travel there, although the journey was long and perilous, she enjoyed the potential dangers.
Shape-shifting; she can shift herself into any form she desires. Super-agility, super-speed, enhanced senses

No description

Appearance Image by Shyponies

About Euphrosyne

Don't ask us, they haven't told us anything >.>

Gender: Female
Height: 17.2hh hh
Played by: Collie

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