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Disguise: Ardon's disguised form could be considered a rather 'hobo' look. He stands at 15.3hh and supports a semi-rough coat the colour of a red deer; he has no mane, though does have a bit of a ruffled chest, and has a short fluffy tail just as a deer would. He has dull grey-silver eyes that give him the appearance of being blind, though that is far from true. From his head sprouts a set of antlers, which have a strange texture to them as, if one is to look carefully, it seems as though they are made of metal but have long since severely tarnished. He wears a very tattered brown cloak that covers most of his body but is torn in some places and sheer in others. On each leg, he wears a very old set of armour, including boots. It seems as though these were once more gold in colour but are so tarnished and worn and covered in scratches that they appear to be almost ancient.
Ardon is fairly reclusive and as such can be considered rusty in any social attempts. There are very few instances where he truly comes out of his shell, as this normally only happens on a very need-to basis. He prefers to stay hidden away in his glade deep within Valley Zyanya where his workshop is hidden and work on forging magnificent and often near-impossible things; he is constantly driven by the need to create something that Pyrrus will not be able to melt.

He is naturally reserved, tending to be quiet and keeps to himself, as he prefers the company of his workshop and the things he creates. He does, however, enjoy spending time with Pyrrus more than his other siblings, though he is amicable to them all. Sometimes, if the mood takes him, he can actually become playful and flirtatious towards them, though, towards the other inhabitants of Liridon, he can be cold and distant, and is easily agitated by impatience or lack of respect towards his creations.

When is is approached with a request, Ardon enjoys giving riddles - sometimes these may be tied to other activities, like a scavenger hunt - though, beware: they are not always as complicated as you may think.
He doesn’t remember much from the early years, which he blames on the dent in his cranium when he awoke in a metal form, assuming that it had caused damage to his memories and also changed parts of his personality. Many things are still blurry or simply blacked out entirely, but he does know one thing: he feels like a pointless element. And so, he has hidden his true form permanently for now and dons his hidden form, abandoning his workshop.
Ardon is a grandmaster of the metal element, though his speciality lies in blacksmithing as he enjoys this most. He has a more hands-on approach to making things as he doesn't feel that using his power over the metals directly is anywhere near as satisfying and certainly requires no great skill or talent. And so, he prefers to make things the old fashioned way, merely helping things along with his natural ability to ensure a more smooth and quick process without compromising quality.

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Disguise art made by EmberlingArts (me) images from unsplash

About Ardon

The Blacksmith

Gender: Male
Height: 20 hh
Played by: Emberling

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