Bay with darker points throughout her body. Two socks on her back legs, ankle high and a white stripe going down the center of her face resembling a messy cross. Has a white marking on her back going along the side of her stomach. The back hooves are tan and the front hooves are black.
Koko struggles with feeding the two wolves inside of her, the good and evil. Deep down she wants to be kind, and often she is very considerate of others and their feelings. The side of her that she struggles with is riddled with anger, resentment and trauma. Due to her upbringing she endured a lot of mental abuse, engulfed with reoccurring memories that make her relive the most horrific moments of her life. She struggles with forgiveness and overcoming her own limitations. For example she can be intellectual and even think outside of the box but since she's used to living in the shadow of her family her potential was stunted. The best way I would describe her is like a shark in a small tank. A shark will only grow as big as the tank its in and that's what happened with Koko. Mentally she intelligent but immature, emotional, quick to anger and especially lonely. She's never been in a relationship or even had a crush because of her sheltered life. Her thoughts for her future are small, the way she sees her self is useless but deep inside she wants to be useful, full of purpose and find her destiny in life.
Kosephone grew up in a herd of 15 horses consisting of her parents, aunts, and her cousins. Throughout her life her mother belittled her, downgraded her, and had a tight rein on her social, education, and cultured life. Though her mother loved her she unknowingly put on her daughter the same pressure that was put on her growing up. As a result, her aunts(the sisters of her mother) feared whiplash from the matriarch and always fell in line, never coming to Kosephone's defense. Her dad was very much present but absent socially. He never wanted to be a father but desired control and love from mares so he fathered children out of necessity, rarely giving them a second thought. Her father owned no land, so they were labeled gypsy's and were shamed by any herd they came into contact with. Eventually the shame became too much to bear and her mother abandoned the family, taking Kosephone with her. When Kosephone grew to 2 1/2 years her and her mother went to a claiming ground to look for a herd to join. Some years passed by since she'd seen her gypsy family so they were able to show their faces again. Needless to say a strong stallion was interested in her still very attractive mother, but he didn't want to take care of another stags offspring especially because Kosephone wasn't ready to breed yet. It didn't take much for her mother to be convinced by the stallion that her daughter would be okay without her and eventually find her way. She watched hopelessly, as her mother walked away.
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Gender: mare
Height: 16.2 hh
Played by: Kimeko

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