Sabrael has an Akhal-Teke build and stands at 16.3hh. She has a very soft perlino coat with the typical metallic sheen of the Akhal-Teke, and a long mane and tail that fade from a very pale pink flaxen to a pale baby blue. Her eyes and her hooves have the appearance of white opals, and her eyes are pupilless. Solidified magic grows from her body in glowing blue tubes that twist and wind around her, growing out of her forehead, chest, and each ankle where there is a clear deposit of sorts, though they very much look as though they are decorations. This gives her a very whimsical and magical feel mixed with her metallic sheen.

Over the many times she has been reborn, Sabrael has grown to become a little cynical, though she does try to not let that rule her entire personality. She is typically very happy and friendly, though sometimes quiet and reserved, and enjoys to spend her time outdoors tending to gardens and making the flowers and other plants grow and bloom. She is sometimes seen as whimsical, as is attributed to her general appearance, and enjoys a good adventure from time to time, and when she loves, she loves deeply and with every fibre of her being. However, she has also grown to be rather determined, as this may be her chance to break away from the Great Cycle and start choosing her own path.

Lifetime after lifetime, Sabrael has followed the same path from beginning to end, repeating the story fate has laid out for her after each rebirth. It has happened so many times now that she stopped keeping count. Each time is the same, anyway, so what good would keeping track do? The Great Cycle was, for many, a cruel thing, and yet they all followed their fates with pride and honour. Why would anyone do this willingly, you may ask? They don't know what path they have to take until they've already started down it.

Each cycle, Sabrael would find herself falling in love, whisked away by the joy and excitement such feelings brought to her simple life of magic studies and tending gardens. She would travel alongside her destined one and get to enjoy the splendours of the outside world, full of laughter and love... For a time. Tragedy would always strike, in some way or another, but always by the hand of another; her beloved's life would be put at great risk and whatever the situation happened to be each time, it would always require Sabrael to sacrifice herself.

The problem was, they couldn't break these cycles. Well, they could, but it was messy and dangerous and usually ended up in permanent death. Maybe that was better, though, than living and dying and being reborn to repeat the same story every lifetime. At the start of each rebirth, the memory is left hazy and confused, and it often takes familiar places or stories to make one remember...

But this time, Sabrael wasn't reborn in the House of Seasons. Instead, she finds herself in a very different place unlike any she had even ventured to before... Is this... Is this her chance to break free of her cycle?!

Sabrael is a Fae and as such is basically a creature of pure magic. There is no particular application for their magic in general, but Sabrael often focuses her magic towards gardening and decorating. She loves crystals and anything that glows, and if she can make it a bit prettier with her magic, then she will. Also due to this, she is not affected by temperature; she does not feel hot or cold in the way normal folk do, but this does not mean that extreme temperatures (below freezing, boiling) can't harm her.

*Profile images from Unsplash *Character desgin by me *Fullbody by EsaArts *Headshot by WalkersPets

About Sabrael

Fae of the House of Seasons

Gender: Female
Height: 16.3 hh
Played by: Emberling

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