One word to describe Thumbelina would be “cute.” From her fluffy white mane and tail, to her short stature, to her bright inquisitive eyes, she seems to embody a sense of cuteness that is hard to rival. She appears fairy-like and playful, finding her sense of beauty from the nature that surrounds her and fills her every breath.

She has the build of a typical Gypsy Vanner, but that is where typical ends. From the leafy green hues of her spots to the flowers that grow into her mane and tail, Thumbelina stands out from the rest of the Gypsy Vanners. Her mane and tail, the stark white of freshly fallen snow, are braided with vines and leaves, not to mention the dozens of flowers that sprout from the hair. Around her ears is a delicate crown of flowers, woven together with wild flowers and the hair from the members of her tribe. A permanent reminder of a place long gone. Her face, soft in appearance and slightly dished, is only made softer by the large fawn brown eyes that peer out at the world. On her head is a brilliant sapphire that can change color depending on her mood. From the base of the sapphire sprouts a pearl horn, that wraps and twists to a delicately fine point. The sapphire changes with Thumbelina's mood.

On her back, she sports delicate fairy wings of green and white, and they flutter about as she moves through her day, also assisting her with flight whenever needed.
Kind. That is what Thumbelina is, and it is what she embodies. All creatures that cross her path are met with kindness and care. Her hooves are always placed delicately lest she step on an unsuspecting critter or bug.

Her kindness is only rivaled by her joy. Bubbly and excitable, Thumbelina dances and sings her way through the day. Her joy and kindness belay the fact that she can and will handle any threat to her friends and loved ones. Because of this, she is very brave, and while this is a very positive quality, sometimes she can end up in situations that are over her head.

Clumsy at times and often speaking faster than her brain can think, Thumbelina has no filter between her brain and mouth. If she loves you she will let you know. However, if you are mean or arrogant she will point this out to you, in a loving but blunt way.
Thumbelina comes from the realm of fairies. Creatures as old as the dawn of time, hidden from prying eyes and curious creatures, the fairies watch over the realm of mortals.

Thumbelina, a curious and inquisitive girl, now finds herself called before the Fairy King and Queen. As she makes her way to the throne room, nervous excitement brewing in her belly, Thumbelina dips her head in greeting to each passerby she comes across. Her wings flutter with nervous energy as she enters the throne room, stopping at the respected distance to bow her greeting. “Stand before us Thumbelina.” Righting herself Thumbelina holds her head high and her smile is one of warmth and happiness. Her King and Queen sit upon their thrones, beaming down at her. “Come closer my child.” The Queen’s singsong voice calls to her and, as if on their own accord, her feet carry her closer. “Child,” The King begins, “we have a special mission for you.” Thumbelina’s ears prick up. A mission? She was always the one that was picked last to go on missions. Her age and clumsiness, yes she was often clumsy when excited, meant that she was left out of missions. But here, now, the King was giving her a special mission! Her heart flutters with excitement. The King continues, “You are special Thumbelina. For years you have showed your own kind the meaning of happiness and joy.” Thumbelina’s wings flutter in happiness at the kind words of her King. The King’s smile widens and a soft laugh escapes his lips. His voice takes on a softer tone as he continues. “For these reasons, and for you brave heart, we have decided that you are the one to go live among the mortals.” The words drop Thumbelina’s heart and her joy evaporates. She has to leave the fairy realm? Leave her loved ones and home and everything she has known? Tears sprang unbidden into Thumbelina’s eyes and the King and Queen’s expressions morph into one of sadness. The Queen leaves her Throne and glides up to Thumbelina. She pauses a moment before Thumbelina. The Queen studies the young fairy, taking in her tears and sad expression. The Queen speaks, “Thumbelina, we are not punishing you. Please understand that we love you child. It has come to our attention that the mortals have forgotten about our realm. They think we don’t care about them anymore. We have chosen you because you embody all the good things we fairies are. You are special, my child, and even though it hurts our hearts to see you leave the realm, we must ask you to do this.” Thumbelina stands in quiet contemplation for several minutes. Her mind is a whirlwind of thoughts and feelings. Fear rears it ugly head. Fear of the unknown, of a place without friends and loved ones, and of hurt and despair. Fear is replaced with longing. Longing to stay, to belong, to be thought of this highly all the time. Slowly, the tides of chaos ebb and reasoning starts to take hold. Where fear stood now reigns determination. Where longing held on, now resides, peace. She knows she must do this, not just for her King and Queen, but for herself. Thumbelina knows that she will grow and learn more out in the mortal world than she ever could here. Her mind snaps back to the present and the face of the Queen looms in front of her. Sadness resides in the Queen’s eyes and stance. Slowly, like dawn breaking the gloom of night, a smile spreads across Thumbelina’s face. The smile warms her face and lightens the hearts of all those in the room. The Queen’s face mirrors Thumbelina’s, showing happiness and joy. With unspoken acceptance and understanding the Queen embraces Thumbelina. Draping her head across the Queen’s back, Thumbelina’s resolve falters a moment and a sense of loss is felt deeply. Just as quickly as the moment comes, it passes and her resolve is restored. Slowly, softly, the King starts to tell Thumbelina her mission.

Now she finds herself wandering the world with her friend Regis. What awaits her, only time will tell.
Thumbelina was gifted the power to heal others. She may use this power to heal any wound however, it comes at a price to her own well being. Anything she heals uses her energy and leaves her feeling weak and exhausted. Thumbelina can only heal others and will never be able to use her powers on herself.

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"And I think to myself, what a wonderful world."

Gender: Female
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