Salem is a perfect match of his father's, inheriting Entia's horn and Lucian's red and black colour scheme. He is mainly a blackish-grey, with white on his chest and underside, speckled with mottled black spots. His legs fade to jester red, as does his muzzle. He has white lines that run from his eyes to the bottom of his face. His mane and tail are two-toned red and black. His horn is the same jester red. His eyes are a bright and expressive blue.

His body shape is like a finer boned warlander, and his mane and tail are quite long, with a natural curl and wave. Around his neck he occasionally carries a bronze necklace, although the origins of which are unknown for now.

Salem has changed much from his youth.
Where he was once unapproachable and unfriendly, he is now rather easy going and talkative, although he is still stand offish and sometimes awkward at first, preferring to get to know someone before he opens up to them entirely. This new and improved Salem does his best to make an effort, often pursuing friendship and relationships to an extent that anyone who had once known him would be a taken back. He has grown to enjoy company; especially if it is friendly. It seems that the charm and effortless charisma of both his fathers is something that can be inherited because Salem is definitely able to use it when he wants to, which isn't too often it seems.

He can, should the fancy take him, be a flirt - much like his father Lucian and his other father Entia. Although not as much as his Dad's were, he tends to reserve that for special people. He can still get irritable at times, especially if someone is annoying him - he doesn't take well to being threatened or talked down to, and isn't afraid to tell people when they can fuck off.

He has a soft spot for people that were the complete opposite of his father's (although doesn't get him wrong, he loves both his Dad's very much) probably because he always had an admiration for the previous king of Ilir, Michael. In a way it is Michael that he wishes to be more like, kind, soft hearted and wise.

He is still haunted by the death of his twin brother Cyrus, and as a result hates anyone and everyone that is associated with the Voyd or resembles him.

Salem was born on Liridon to Entia. the king of Ilir, and Lucian, his friend and advisor. He had a twin brother called Cyrus, whom he loved dearly. Salem worked hard in Ilir, following after his fathers footsteps, and was around when the Voyd plunged the world into darkness.

It was during this time that his brother Cyrus wandered into the Jehonas and was viciously killed by one of the Voyd's underlings, Respane. The death of Cyrus broke Salem, who grew more reclusive and violent, often shouting at his friends and family, until he was talked back into the light by Michael, the former king of Ilir, and his other friends.

Salem has traveled all over since leaving Liridon, bumping into both Lucian and Entia occasionally. He found his companion, Tivus, a white tailed kite and together they decide to return to Liridon, his place of birth - his homeland was calling.

Warg - Salem can see through Tivus's eyes, and in essence control him, using him to spy and see things that Salem otherwise cannot. Warging into Tivus leaves Salem's own body vulnerable, therefore he must always be in a safe spot when he does it, or around someone that can protect him. Salem can warg into Tivus from a great distance due to their bond, but feels anything that Tivus does, any sense including pain.

Illusion - Like his father Salem can create illusions. He can make people see and feel what he wants them too, although these illusions are not real, they feel real as they are happening. For example he can make someone believe they have been stabbed, they will feel the pain as if it is real, however when he breaks the illusions they are okay.

Tivus, a white tailed kite.

About Salem

Don't ask us, they haven't told us anything >.>

Gender: Male
Height: 15.3 hh
Played by: Collie

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