Sexy mf.

Black and red and all sorts of good looking...according to Lucian.

Black-grey base with red legs, red face and red lightning like patterns down his back. Darker, true black stripes down his neck, which can barely be seen. His mane starts off white at the base and fades into black, and he has molten yellow eyes and long lashes. A finer, more arabian like build that he inherited from his mother, mixed with a stockier quarter horse from his father; this gives Lucian a slightly narrow face and elegant legs, but still a strong, proud looking chest.

Lucian is a flirt, to everyone and anyone and anything. If it moves, he'll tell it it has pretty eyes. Its almost comical nowadays to watch him. He has calmed down since his youth but flirting is like a natural state for him. He's also a joker, a prankster, although that too has mellowed since he has gotten older.

Lucian likes having something to dig his teeth into, a bored Lucian is a trouble for everyone around him. No one wants him to be bored, because that's when he starts stealing women and starting fights. Oh hell, he starts fights no matter what. Lucian will tell someone if they're being a dumb ass, and often he's not too subtle about it. He doesn't really care for peoples feelings. Or his own most of the time.

He comes across as nonchalant, he's not, but he comes across that way. His loyalty is very hard to gain, but once you have it then its never going to go. He can be ruthless, no one would ever describe him as kind - but he's not the cruelest person you'll meet so I guess that's something.

He has within him, or as part of him, the embodiment of pride. Most people who know him from before probably won't notice too much of a difference personality wise, Lucian was already pretty proud. But almost all humility is gone from him now.

Lucian's dad, Phantom of the Opera, was the first king of Ilir.

The Phantom’s son had followed his father to Lirirdon, although at the time Lucian had no clue how big of a decision that had been. He joined Ilir, at first hellbent on simply annoying his father into an early grave, however Lucian quickly established himself as a skilled diplomat and loyal worker. His first assignment was to establish a diplomatic and positive relationship with the fiery Amazonian herd of the Donietas, a task he took on with another male, called Entia. This visit was the spark that ignited a long friendship between the two, and a bond that could be broken no matter the distance and time between them. Lucian began to work hard for Ilir, almost determined to show his father (who believed Lucian to be a joke, and a waste of space) how wrong he was, and Lucian quickly climbed up the ranks of the government. He met his half sister, Aislia, as well as another creature called Cellar Door (who would become the first mother to bear Lucian’s child, not through her own choice – he was young, he made bad choices).

Lucian didn’t get along with everyone, he butted heads with a man named Mitchell a few times, and grew a great dislike for the man. He made friends in Tranquiliser, although at first their relationship was strained, as well as Michael, although they too had their ups and downs and a mare called Emergency. Lucian had several flings during his time in Ilir, and many of his children ended up all over Liridon.

When Entia became king Lucian was the master of Intelligence and a member of his council, and stuck by his friends side loyally, through the darkness of Liridon, the war with the Voyd and the death of their son Cyrus. Lucian always had a great love for Liridon and a nostalgia for this old home whenever he was away from it. He followed Entia to many places, although he never really stuck around for as long as his friend did. Lucian spent some time exploring with his son Salem, who became the closest of his children.

Father of cyrus, salem (with Entia), benjamin, havoc (with cellar door), sakura, sebastian (with kiss of death), cole, atrox, corsica, hadley (with emergency), ataensic, ariadne, lucretian, hunter and one deceased.

During his time outside Liridon Lucian came into contact with Pride, the literal embodiment of Pride, and for some reason the two struck up a friendship of sorts. Lucian helped Pride out with some things. Because of this, when Pride original body was destroyed, murdered by an unknown assailant, his soul sought out and attached itself to Lucian.

Lucian is, in essence, the reborn Pride, his memories and Pride's both exist within his head now.

Blood Control - Lucian can control another’s blood in their body, essentially controlling their movements. He can also draw blood out of another’s body, make them bleed. He can also control dried blood.

Shadow Manipulation - a throwback to his father, Lucian can manipulate the shadows, they become a tangible extension of his own body, he can also sense and watch people using the shadows as spies.

Illusions - They seem real but they are not, Lucian's illusions are purely sensations and pretend. For example whilst you are experiencing the illusion and you hurt yourself, you would believe you truly have been injured right up until it breaks, but really you are fine.

Pride - Ever since Lucian became the reborn personification of pride he has developed some new powers. He has the abilities to heighten and manipulate peoples emotions, especially their since of pride. He had increase or decrease it. He's not immortal but he doesn't age, he just keeps going. Forever young.

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Gender: Male
Height: 15.3 hh
Played by: Collie

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