Mina is grey with a black base and will begin to start dappling at the age of two. She has the dark brown eyes of her father and her grandmother. In fact, she is nearly the spitting image of her paternal grandmother, in both coat and build. She looks like she came right from the desert, refined and elegant, her Arabian heritage evident. She will grow to be 15 hh tall once she is fully grown. She will retain dappling into her later years, only turning entirely silver much later in life.
Mina is not as nearly as bold and as wild as her twin sister. Mina lives in her own world, content to keep her feet on solid ground...except when her sister flies off, only then does Mina wish to have wings because she could not stand to be left behind by her twin. While Mina loves her family, it is evident that she is closest to Maren, her twin. Maren has to simply glance in her direction and Mina will be there, ready and willing to go wherever her twin may wish. But, beneath that rather shy facade, there is the blood of Amazons and warrior princesses, waiting to burst forth, if only she has the courage.
It's building, she is just a baby.
She has complete and total control of the air element and is able to create and bend it to her will. Like her grandsire, her powers can be made unstable, even becoming very dangerous, should her temper flare. She may become unintentionally destructive or flood lands if she is near a body of water. Only once she is back in control of her emotions can she regain control, but if her anger turns to fear... well, then, the only one who might be able to dissolve her storms is her sister. She is able to manipulate the shadows and darkness around her with little to no effort, although they are not capable of physical harm. That being said, she can make shadows look extremely realistic in the way they move... almost like they're breathing.... DOWNSIDE: She can only use this power on existing shadows. Her powers are weak in sunlight. Electricity, though this power is weak. She is able to create lighting and sparks along her frame. The sparks are only the equivalent of a static shock like touching a doorknob after friction.

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About Mina

Don't ask us, they haven't told us anything >.>

Gender: Filly
Height: 10 hh
Played by: Sam

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