She is a carbon copy of her mother. She has an overall baroque build with lean and elegantly defined muscle. She has beauty, although she lacks some of the grace of her mother, often tripping or bumping into things. She has a straight profile (large, expressive eyes stand out), and an elegantly arched neck, with long, silken hair. Sloped shoulder and a deep girth. Her back is strong with well sprung ribs that harbor large lungs. Strong hindquarters with a well set tail. Clean if not a bit delicate of limbs, like that of a dancer. She has fluid and a bit overly energetic stride, making it difficult for Davina ever to achieve stealth. Davina has little shooting stars that dance within her mane. When she is happy they shine bright, but if she becomes sad or upset, they will dim.
She was often told as a child not to be so loud. Davina's voice often carries further than others, just because she is so in love with life and wants to share her excitement with others. No one would accuse Davina of being coy, she wears her heart on her sleeve, her emotions so often as clear as day upon her face. She is passionate and often cannot contain her feelings, which can often lead to her speaking before she has truly thought over what to say. When Davina loves someone, she loves them hard and with all her heart. She has the kindness of her mother, with the fire of her father. Davina believes the best in others, and this may lead her into trouble one day.
Davina was born in the ancient land Paraiso to Kovu and Starlett. Her parents loved her from the moment she was born and Davina knew she could always count on them. Her mother lived in Paraiso, while her father was an Earl in a land known as Sanctuary, and therefore, Davina split her time between the lands and between parents, though they tried to be all together whenever possible. And then Paraiso fell and went into the mists, along with Davina's mother, while she stayed behind with her father. And yet, though the child missed her mother as any daughter would, she thrived in Sanctuary with her father to raise her and Dendera (her great-uncle) to act as her grandfather. She knew love, at least the love of a family. But there were shadows, an ancient feud that went back to before Davina was born, before even her parents had been born. A feud between the bloodlines of Rhaego and Ichiro. Davina rested underneath the noble lines of Ichiro (the legacies), and within the walls of Ethos there was a colt with the blood of Rhaego running through his veins: Oren. It was decided between her father and Oren's mother, Melia, that Davina and Oren would be wedded, to end the blood feud and strengthen both of their herds with an alliance between Sanctuary and Ethos. And so it was arranged, Kovu would bring Davina to Ethos as often as he could so that the bond between the children could grow and they could form a relationship. But, of course, things do not tend to go according to plan. As Davina wandered Ethos, trying to find the one called Oren, she quite literally stumbled into the boy prince named Keanu, and her entire life, her fate, it was sealed. The pair became instant friends, and Davina' stars shined bright in his presence. Davina too eventually met Oren, but it was something different with the boy made of bark than she felt with the cold blooded prince. With Oren, Davina felt comfortable, but with Keanu, Davina felt as if she were soaring. But, there was an issue, both were arranged to someone else, destined to be mates with another, never each other. Though the innocence of childhood hid the true understanding from them, and with a gently falling snow, underneath the branches of the aspen trees, the pair performed a marriage ceremony, promising each other their friendship forever. As they grew older, the time spent together (when Davina was supposed to be seeing Oren, though the colt always covered for his starry friend) became more meaningful and Davina ached for Keanu when he wasn't around her. Her father started to become suspicious and he knew the dangers if their deal was broken. Davina was pressured even more so to develop her relationship with Oren and was discouraged from seeing Keanu, despite their friendship that, at the time, they believed to be only friendship. Davina had Oren, Keanu had Wanniya, and that was just how the way things were. (to be continued when I have some more time)
Fire manipulation: Her fire manipulation is tied to the shooting stars within her mane, she can send them out and they can burn and are very heart. (She cannot create actual fire, but her stars could catch onto something flammable and start a fire) Wind manipulation: She has the wind at her beck and call, manipulating it to her will. Immortality: She will stop aging at age 18, forever young. She can be killed by the flames of anyone from her bloodline with fire abilities. Wings: They are not always present, but like her mother, Davina can create wings of starlight that match the shooting stars in her mane. She can have them appear and disappear at will. (She cannot fly without them being present.)

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Gender: Mare
Height: 15 hh
Played by: Sam

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