The bay stallion having grown to be ever so slightly shorter than his father, Jay is a harmonious blend of both Valerio and his beloved mother, Aletta. His head is proud, with a straight profile true to his spanish lines. His nostrils are large and his eyes ever-expressive, a deep molten chocolate hue. His neck, dressed with thick ebony tendrils adorned by a single feather belonging to his barn owl companion, is long yet strong and set well upon defined withers, and showing his Arabian heritage. His chest is broad and powerful, shoulders handsomely sloped, and his girth deep. His back is compact and strong, his limbs long and supported by hard bone, detailed in sinewy muscle and tendon. His thick tail is well-set upon powerful and muscular quarters, not quite as high as a purebred Arabian and yet still just as proud. Do not be fooled by his gentle and patient gaze or kind smile that often adorns his face, he was bred of warriors and bears the strength, endurance, speed, and agility that his ancestry has blessed him with. Along with the single feather entwined in his mane, Jay has beading woven through a few braided pieces of his tail near the base that sport gold metallic coins not unlike those which are sown onto a belly-dancer's hip scarf. These he was gifted by a tribe he'd spent some time with on his travels.
It is a wonder where Jay has gained the saint-like patience that his family knows him well for, considering both of his parents are renowned for being fierce and - on occasion - fiery when provoked. He has always been gentle and warm, welcoming to many outside the enemies of his family and those who threaten war and violence against those that he so cares for. Wiser than his years should permit, he was born a calm and curious soul. Perhaps it is traces of his great-grandsire... or perhaps even Legado himself. There is really no telling, but the fellow has an affinity with the delicate balances in the world, a love of the stars that shine, and an ever-eager ear for the soft whispers that bellow through the trees. As he has grown, this gentleness, patience, and understanding of how the world around him is ever-changing has shaped him into a philosophical being. Known as a story-teller in Paraiso and the world beyond the mountains that now safeguards the ancient valley, he is one that seems to have a way with youths and curious minds, always happy to share the stories he has learned throughout his life just as he is happy to listen to the tales of others. He is very much against war and violence, understandably so, though this does not make him meek or fearful, the stallion rather brave for his faiths and beliefs that he holds fast to in his everyday like. A lover of life, he revels in the little moments, cherishes each blessing he is given and strides ever-enduring through each trial, and not for one fleeting second does he forget to leave both his heart and mind open to what the world and the gods dare to show him.
His life is far from a fair-tale that some might expect for a prince. Born a twin, his sister had been ill and weak at birth. This was but one reason that he'd grown up much faster than most colts had to. Brielle, for all her spirited nature, was always crying for adventure. Jay, having promised not only his parents but himself to always look after her, had spent many of his youthful days trying to dissuade her from searching out what he was near-certain would be trouble. And, when his father and most of the herd of Paraiso on departed for Windskeep to fight in a war that threatened the ancient and legendary grounds of The Legacy Family, he had watched his mother go into mourning. He'd heard her soft cries when she'd thought he and Brielle were asleep. He'd watched her gaze up at the stars and heard her whisper softly to them. He'd watched his broken family lose everything as the very magic that gave life and wonderment to the deep valley they'd called home leave the land just as his father had. It had been in those younger years of his life that Jay tried to be the strength and faith of his mother and siblings. Even when, as he'd entered into his third year of life, his father had returned to them, Jay continued to be the voice of reason and steadfast belief that the stars and the fates were always present in each day, that they heard both the grief and joy in the world. The years passed the bay stallion, and so grew his love of the heavens and the stories that came to him on the tongues of those that entered and left his life. It wasn't until his family made the journey back to Paraiso once again teeming with life and an unspoken, deep magic that Jay and his beloved friend Orani found the small barn owl fledgling that came to be named Carpo abandoned in the snow, no nest to be found in the bare branches of the trees overhead. Another undeniable moment in which the spirits had reached down into Jay's life and amazed him with their mysterious nature. However, the peace and prosperity of his family reunited was not to go without a new threat coming in the shape of a black-feathered beast by the likes of none that Jay had ever seen. Again, his family so ridden with strife as the gods once again tested their strength with the drums of imminent war and darkness brewing on the horizon. But, this time, things were different. This time, the great guardians of old took the deep valley and hid it from the world beyond the mountains. The same deep magic that gave life once again to the ancient realm would decide that the rest of the world did not deserve this kingdom. It fell away under a mysterious mist, protected for the rest of time. Only those who were guided by its newest guardian could leave and enter, and those who attempted to storm the borders were forever lost, left to wander the mists and never find Paraiso. Most of his family stayed within the deep valley, finally able to rest in peace knowing that they could no longer be harmed by the world outside. Alvaro and Jay stayed behind alongside their father to look after those who remained... but not everyone was ready for this promise of serenity. Some of his family wished to stay outside Paraiso to answer a different calling. And this, my dear friends, is what brought Jay to leave the sanctuary of his ancestral home. The winds had called him to seek out the remnants of his family, and it has carried him far... further than he would have ever thought he would travel. What has happened to him between then and now, as he crossed the borders into this strange new world, only those who ask him will ever know.
Gifted with agelessness by the great guardians of the past who looked over The Legacy Family when he'd journeyed through the mists that hid his home and left Paraiso, Jay will never age beyond young adulthood. However, he can be killed as he is not immortal and immune against nature's wickedness.
Jay is accompanied by a barn owl he and Orani had endearingly named Carpo. However, he is just as ageless as Jay, a gift given to the bay stallion by the very stars over Paraiso.
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"When it comes to those you love, losing faith and giving up is not an option" - Jay

Gender: Stallion
Height: 15.3 hh
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