Reverse Brindle Pangare Wild Bay Blanket Appaloosa Splash with sky blue eyes ------------- She is refined and elegant, though far from fragile with substantial bone structure and lean muscle that is unwise to think little of. Her head is carrying the Arabian's concave profile and wide forehead to some degree, while also displaying a more strongly muscled jaw and more substantial muzzle derived of Morgan influence. Her bright blue eyes are large, bright, and expressive, allowing for a very wide field of vision and her ears are small, alert, and tipped. Her neck is deep-set, strong, and arched, providing for easy breathing and fluid mobility while also sporting a thick and full mane that is long and silken. She is given sloping shoulder adorned by large and powerful raven-feathered wings capable of flight in strong winds and a wide, deep chest. She proudly wears an overall strong and sound undercarriage with well-sprung ribs to ensure there is plenty of space for long expansion to fuel her endurance and speed, complimented with legs that are rather thick, due to Morgan-influenced bone structure characterized by comparatively short cannon bones, and solid, well-developed hooves which grant her energetic and strong strides. Her back is short, making her compact in overall build, and her hindquarters are sound and strong with a high-set and proudly carried tail. All in all, she is a pretty thing, but only time will tell if any might be given the chance to appreciate it. 
There are many sides to Fable, giving her an unpredictable nature. Ever curious about the world and those in it, she is very intuitive, giving her a somewhat adventurous side though when it comes right down to it, she will always yearn for "the harbor of her soul" no matter where she might go or how far from friends and family she may wander. She is intelligent and quick to notice her surroundings and any changes to familiar realms. This also goes for those she meets. One would say she is a good judge of character most of the time, but she may or may not use her telepathy to ensure that she isn't missing something. She tries not to pry into the thoughts of others often, but as with her wings, she uses this as a tool to ensure that she does not fall at a disadvantage if she can help it.  - Outgoing to the core and often mischievous and impish, there's no questioning that she is very extroverted, which can make her rather fearless and bold. But when she isn't being ever so devilish (though never bearing bad intentions), she *can* be considerate and mindful when in the presence of those that are more timid and uncertain, making her a genuinely kind heart who only ever seeks friendship and happiness. So, yes, one could say that she does have manners... they just aren't always the most prominent of her traits. However, her redeeming quality regarding manners is that she knows when they're required and when they're not. More or less. She is honest, though having always been told to mind her manners on such things can tend to make her hesitant to speak harsh truths, and she may often be silent in such situations rather than forward While she might not be the strongest of creatures, she is not afraid to respond towards threats in a "fight" reflex if she feels there is no room for "flight".  - Because of her friendly demeanor, trust is easily earned for most who meet her, as is forgiveness, Fable believing from the start that no one is perfect. She holds close the idea "Mistakes will be made, words will be said. Often there will be regrets felt and wants to take back what had been spoken, and it is in these moments that one's heart should be the most open and understanding". This by no means makes her naïve however, for each time that she is wounded by another, she will grow uncertain of repeat offenders against her heart and display wariness and distrust towards such beings. She is unafraid to place a wall between herself and those who do nothing but harm, and the harder that wall becomes, the less likely it is for a betrayer to ever be in her good graces, and there they will find a sharp-tongued and fierce creature where once there was the friendliness.
While some might have some sort of extravagant story to tell of how they'd grown up in a palace and ran away from home, or perhaps that they'd managed somehow to survive through countless hardships to make it to where they are now in life, Fable has little to no noteworthy tales to tell about her past.. or so she claims. Even her freinn friend isn’t entirely extraordinary, others from her birthlands having such companions at their side. Her parents were just a couple in a kingdom named Everyn, a world of jagged cliff faces and proud mountains that towered above the valley realms below them. Her mother, Antabellum, was a gatherer of resources for the royals, and her father, Rounan, was in the ranks of the king’s guard. No, he was not some proud and battle-worn general or even an advisor to the general… or the advisor to the general’s advisor. He was merely one of the many that stood at an assigned post outside the castle walls to make sure that unwelcomed guests were denied entry. Fable’s childhood was more or less average, growing up with a few good friends and later being given a little sister named Flora. Her education was good, and she really hadn’t known a hardship in her young life worth speaking of. She wasn’t fleeing some arranged marriage or rebelling against strict parents. Her reason for being here is much simpler than any of that. She’d grown into a young woman, and coming of age to be on her own, she decided why not see the world? So, after traversing across countless miles, here she is… in Liridon. It was a place she’d never heard of, and a place where she knew no one. What more could a spirited femme with a taste for adventure want?
Telepathy - She can see into the thoughts and minds of others as well as project her own "voice" using this gift. It is also what allows for her to communicate effortlessly with her freinn dragon companion, Treska. Shape-shifter - Fable is able to take the form of any creature she has seen. She can maintain this form easily for several hours, although maintaining a shifted form for more than twelve hours will result in her joints and body aching for a few hours.
She is accompanied by a feisty little creature common from the kingdom she hails from. Treska is a freinn dragon. It is a fire-less species that has fur in place of scales, weighing no more than ten pounds and standing perhaps a little taller than the average house cat. While she cannot breathe fire, shobha sharp teeth and calls that are more than enough for hunting small animals as well as defending herself. You can refer to the square image for her appearance. Treska is also able to communicate with other creatures telepathically, though this only works with non-equines. The only equine she can speak with telepathically is Fable due to the deep bond between them.
Square image by TheAdoptArtist Side Bannwe by DarknFallen88 Lineart by Chibii

About Fable

"What's life if you don't take a chance every now and again?" - Fable

Gender: Mare
Height: 15.2 hh
Played by: LixyLime

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