He is a chimera - Sooty dappled buskskin/Black splash..... Standing at a strong 18hh, the beast is rather large for his heritage, though not by much. At a glance, he simply appears to be a large friesian with but a touch of his spanish blood to be seen. Just like the family he was born to, Fynnic was given a warrior's physique. His proud head bears a straight profile with well-set ears accompanied by large, intelligent and pupil-less pale silvered eyes that almost seem to have a strange glow to them, as if the magic that he is skilled in races through his very being. His neck is slightly arched, thick, and muscular, dressed with a thick and long mane of the deepest blacks. His withers are well developed, prominent and, in particular, blend gradually into his back., his chest very well-muscled and broad, paired with a deep girth to give his large heart plenty of space to drum fiercely within. Powerfully muscled shoulders slope handsomely (his left shoulder bearing the mark of the Sloan family beneath three old scars *see history*) and lead into a short yet strong back matched by a sound and well sprung rib cage that allows for his lungs to expand to their fullest so they may fuel his energetic and smooth movements. And then, looking to the legs, they are short and yet strong, laced with sinewy muscle and tendon wrapped around solid bone supported by well-developed joints complimented by wide hooves and thick, flowing feathering. His loin ares wide, strong, and well muscled, making a smooth transition into the croup, which is of good length and slopes slightly downward. It is wide and muscular, forming neither a point or being overly rounded. Here, a thick tail a harmonious blend of ebony and ivory is not set on too low, though it only seems to add a touch of majesty to his powerful and energetic strides. Moving to beast's hindquarters, it is quite apparent that they are thick with hardened muscle, tattered in small and hardly visible scars from past sparrings and fights he'd been part of. His stamina and strength are Fynnic's strongest points, though his speed and agility are not far behind. In short, there is no denying that the stallion can hold his own rather well when faced with a threat or opponent.
Fynnic is a... difficult beast to fully understand most times, though, perhaps that is because of the 10-foot-thick wall he has placed between him and the rest of the world. While he's never been the friendliest of his family, it certainly hadn't been as hard to get to know more than what the eyes will tell you about him when he'd been younger. He has always been cautious of unknown faces to some degree, but now it seems as though that level of distrust has intensified, the stallion almost always expecting that others have hidden motives. The most that others tend to see is that Fynnic is fairly intelligent and has a keen sense of observation for what - and who - is around him. He absolutely refuses to allow others to use him for their own agendas, and if he believes that this is what is trying to happen, he will be swift and fierce in letting his displeasure known. So deeply does this loathing run, that if he suspects another of being used, he is far from hesitant or fearful to step in. This may almost look like some act of chivalry, but there is nothing more than a selfish need to do this, all simply because he despises the act itself because of what happened to him a long time ago. The same powerful sense of loathing goes for when others dare to make assumptions about himself or another. Although... who knows, perhaps there is more than some selfish ---- In the years he has spent wandering, his social skills have suffered, the man stubbornly insistent in preferring solitude to bustling commonlands where many have a knack for wanting to meet new faces, despite that deeply buried yet still present want to fill the loneliness in his heart. His past has made him rough and jagged on the edges, though he truthfully isn't cruel or harsh, his blunt nature somewhat a byproduct of all he's endured. While he seems to have little issues expressing his dislikes, attempting to make small talk or sharing space hardly comes easily for him. Caught between not wishing to reveal anything about himself that might open him up to being wounded or manipulated and that little voice in the back of his mulish mind wanting to feel a connection with someone, he often comes off as socially awkward. It's a nearly constant war between the defenses he's built and the tenaciously guarded part of the alchemist that longs for more than the lonely existence he has been living since... well, bad things happened that changed his entire world and the perception he has of it. Undoubtedly, it will take a good deal of time and a certain type of soul to reach past the gruff and hardened part of Fynnic to find that there is actually a good and kind heart which beats within his powerful chest. For those who are able to build a trust and companionship with him, there is not a more caring, devoted, passionate, loyal, or protective soul to be found. He simply needs to be shown this nearly forgotten side of himself for it to potentially restore the stallion to what he'd been like before. Only time will tell if such a thing might happen, though. Solemn and aloof, it is more or less impossible to know if the stallion has a warmer side that can enjoy the little things and partake in anything a majority of the world would consider fun or adventurous. Perhaps once upon a time... but he is less than keen on sharing this with even his creator. ---- Beyond the inability to trust strangers, his hatred for ill-motivated and manipulative filth, and clearly out-of-practice social skills, Fynnic is a intellectual and ambitious being that pursues perfection in all he crafts and creates, material and immaterial. His inquisitive and sharp intelligence in most subjects (except for social cues and trust-building, pretty much anything that has to do with other beings and getting along with them easily) has always been his strong suit. He is always working with his alchemy magic (and himself, though he will never openly admit this to just anyone), ever-driven to be better and stronger than he was before, ever-eager to learn things he is not familiar with. He has vested nearly his whole life and countless hours of practice into his talents and pushes his magics to their limits endlessly, taking heavy pride in what he can accomplish and entirely capable of silently appreciating when another is capable of achieving what he might expect of them. Despising failure, he can become frustrated and even a touch broody or temperamental when hours of studying and implementation do not produce what he wants. This is mostly directed at himself and implied towards things rather than beings, though it also does not fully exclude them. He was never known for being patient, and this is certainly something he tries to work on... though, unfortunately, his success rate is lower than his success at crafting armor. ---- So yes, he is far from perfect, and this may actually be one of the very few personal things he will admit to (maybe). However, though he will never voice it, there is a secret hope that others might see that he is always trying to be better. He wants to be better. He wants to build something better than what his past had been. And for that, can he truly be faulted for his flaws?
Fynnic's past is the last thing that he will ever want to talk about. If anything, he fights constantly to bury it, to forget everything... even those that he'd once loved. His life hadn't always been what it is now, full of distrust and unspoken hurt he refuses to let the world know of. When he was young, born to a mother and father beyond exceptional in the arts of alchemy magic, Fynnic had been what his family called a natural, innately drawn towards this gift which allows for them to be the only clan in the vast kingdom of Brannis which was capable of creating strong armor and building structures. From the start, he had been curious about the countless books filled with knowledge of the magics they were fluent in. As he grew older and was allowed to begin his studies of alchemy magic, Fynnic threw himself wholeheartedly into learning all that he could and perfecting that which was imperfect. To him then, perfection was his parents, and later, his younger brother, Kerrim. He trained and studied each and every day from when the sun rose until it disappeared behind the horizon to the west and behind the great mountains that served as the border between Brannis and everything else. And then, when at last he'd gone through the right of passage by proving his strength and his skill as he crossed the threshold from juvenile and into stallionhood, he had been given the mark of the Sloan family. It had been the proudest moment of his life. And yet, how short-lived it would be... It wasn't very long after Fynnic had gone through this tradition that Kerrim, ever eager to follow in his big brother's steps, dared to attempt the same level of alchemy magic. Fynnic had tried desperately to stop him, implored for him to wait until he was further in his own studies, warned him that magic was not something to be tried before one was ready. However, Kerrim, much like Fynnic and their father, was too stubborn to listen. He was unable to control the magic he'd summoned, and it had resulted in Kerrim's death. Their mother was stricken with grief, while it had been their father who placed blame on Fynnic's shoulders, overwhelmed in his loss that turned to fury. Calder had assumed that it had been Fynnic who encouraged Kerrim to attempt such a feat, and it was because of this that the council had taken the enraged father's side in the tragedy and sentenced Fynnic to exile despite the chimera alchemist's pleas, though not before disowning him by lashing the mark upon his shoulder, leaving three distinct scars upon his flesh, though it was in doing so that removed him from the Sloan family as a symbol of disgrace and shame that he is forced to carry for the rest of his days. Leaving behind everything he'd known and been proud of, the stallion took to wandering aimlessly across various lands. Time has only hardened him, deepened his bitterness and distrust of the world, and it is this Fynnic that enters into Liridon, a hollowed shell of the creature he'd been all too long ago.
Alchemy Magic: Fynnic is an alchemist who specializes in elemental transmutation magic, specifically in the metal and mineral elements. He is able to create armor using them as well as being able to build structures. ---- Mineral Detection: This is a magic that is constantly active and takes no effort, happening naturally for him. He is able to find minerals in the earth and can tell how deeply buried they are. ---- Telekinesis: While all in Liridon have a general form of this magic, his is stronger so that he can move heavy objects up to 300 pounds. ---- Illusionist Fynnic is able to create illusions of things/places he has seen. However, they cannot by be physically touched. For example, if he creates butterflies as an illusion and they were to land upon another equine's nose, they would not be able to feel any sensation. They cannot harm or be harmed (they can be walked through as if they aren't there), but with enough force, like a strong kick, would be enough to break the illusion.
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""It will always be the ones that you love who will hurt you most" - Fynnic

Gender: Stallion
Height: 18 hh
Played by: LixyLime

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