Appearance: Standing at 13.3hh, she is a short and petite Appy/Arabian mare. She is a beautiful buckskin Appaloosa mostly covered in white. She carries that adorable but sassy Arabian build, being refined yet strong and compact. Her head is dished, her neck elegantly arched, and her shoulders sloped. Her back is short and her limbs are slender with strong bone. Her gaits are graceful and energetic, and like her Arabian bloodlines, she is intelligent and able to adapt to harsh, hot climates.
Personality: Born from a line of strong leaders, it is not surprising that Zephyra is also strong-spirited. However, she was taught to be respectful upon meeting others and making acquaintances, but this definitely does not make her a push-over of any kind. While she is polite upon meeting new faces, she is somewhat reserved at first as she does not trust anyone blindly. However, once you gain her trust, she will openly show a lovable and kind side. Despite her initial first impressions of being strong and reserved, she really is a soft and sweet soul. She does have a stubborn streak, but only when she believes she knows what is right, though this does not mean she won't consider the thoughts of her friends and loved ones.
History: Her story begins in a world far from Liridon, a place where desert gave way to jungle. This kingdom of two worlds was called Potamós Chrysoú. The heart of this kingdom was known for its lush greenery and the large, thundering river despite the harsh desert lands to their eastern border. The first-born and heiress to this great world, she was a daddy's girl from the beginning, but still very close to her mom. She spent her spare time keeping her little sisters in line and showing them how to be a proper princess of Potamós Chrysoú. She was very close to her younger triplet sisters even if they drove her crazy with their rambunctious and mischievous antics. Being the eldest daughter of the king and queen, Zephyra didn't really have time for friends due to her responsibilities and looking out for her sisters, but she was loved by all her kingdom. One year, a drought consumed Potamós Chrysoú, reducing the once full and fast-flowing river to a trickling stream, drying out the vegetation. This served as a catalyst for a major fire, started by a lightning storm, which spread so quickly and completely destroyed their home. Once the fire had run its course, there was nothing left but the desert sands, and those who did not perish in the fierce flames had scattered out of fear. Losing her family and her home, she took to a life of wandering, until finally she found Liridon.
Zephyra has the ability to manipulate sand and fire. Her fire gets hot enough she can sculpt little glass figurines (example like a small pony figurine that you could turn into a little necklace) .

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No description

About Zephyra

Don't ask us, they haven't told us anything >.>

Gender: Mare
Height: 13.3 hh
Played by: Paperclips

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