Black as a moonless night save for the white snip accenting her face with large black-feathered wings, there's no questioning that she is a mysterious beauty. Her eyes are a pale and icy blue like winter frost. Due to the heavy amount of desert blood from both parents, she will have an even more Arabic appearance that her dear mother, taking a great deal after daddy. Standing at lovely 15.3hh, she will have a very refined and elegant build, compact and strong. Her head will be dished and refined, graced with small yet well-set ears atop an elegantly arched neck that melts down into well set withers, sloping shoulders, and a strong, deep chest. She will be sleek with beautifully proportioned limbs that she seems to dance upon (thanks to both Arabian and Spanish grace and elegance) backed with very hard, sturdy bone. Her ribs are well sprung, allowing for good sized lungs and heart to expand as needed. Her mane and tail will be thick, silken, and long, and her tail set high up in up in a nicely sloped croup. She will be the epitome of a beautiful woman that men will desire and the envy of most all other mares.
Rishiri is, like both parents, known to be stubborn and strong-willed. Perhaps even defiant in the eyes of any who might try and manipulate her into doing something that she has no desire to do. She can be rebellious against laws she does not believe in, and fearless of any who may oppose her in her beliefs. However, she is not foolhardy. She is an intelligent creature, observant and wary of unfamiliar faces when they begin to ask questions beyond the casual "how's the weather" types of questions. Some would call her secretive, but in reality, she is simply *very* guarded. Once she is certain there is no threat and her trust is earned, there is no spirit as loyal and compassionate as Rishiri's. Although, should she be betrayed, she is every bit the fury that her mother was known to be at times. Gods have mercy on those who may use her trust and loyalty for the wrong reasons... While she is fierce and a fighter, she can be gentle and even sweet, much like her father. She does have a warm side to her, it just takes quite a bit to wear down her walls to a point where she feels secure in showing the softer, more vulnerable part of her heart.
Rishiri was born to a wayward mare and a former king. Whether what led into her creation was love or less, she still doesn't entirely know. She does know that her father had feelings for her mother, but there really isn't much that she knows beyond that, or cares to know. She was very young when her mother disappeared, leaving her and her father in the dead of night without so much as a spoken farewell. This abandonment has led into a deep love for her father and a fiercely burning hatred for her mother, who she later discovered had had a daughter before Rishiri. Whom she had also abandoned with Rishiri's grandparents. Needless to say, Rishiri has grown to have issues with abandonment... She later finds herself having feelings for a spotted stallion named Leven, and together, they'd had two strong-willed children, whom had a knack for running off to their father's kingdom. In the end, what had existed between Rishiri and Lev... well, it hadn't been meant to last. He took their two children back to his own birthlands, and it was shortly after that Rishiri followed Valerio and those who followed him back to Windskeep to fight in a war for the safety and peace of their ancestral lands. With the war won and the kingdom rebuilt, Rishiri took to the winds in search for the father she'd grown to miss, and somehow ends up here in Liridon.
She is but one of the many descendants of Legado, Rishiri was born with the power over the air element, able to control and manipulate it as it pleases her. However, her control of this gift lessens when strong feelings of anger or betrayal arise.

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Lineart by DarkNFallen88

About Rishiri

"Don't let the world define you. Never be afraid to write your own destiny"

Gender: Mare
Height: 15.3hh hh
Played by: LixyLime

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