With a base color the same alabaster white as many finely carved marble pieces, Felix looks almost like a porcelain doll. The pure white of his coat is obscured and marred by the black that paints his legs, muzzle and encircles each eye. The onyx coloring has stark edges that end abruptly, no fading, not smudging, just an abrupt end to the dark, giving way to the light. This gives the stallion the appearance of his legs being dipped in the inky black that coats him.

His mane and tail are the same deep shadow of his legs and muzzle. Around his neck is tied a red ribbon and in his tail is twined a golden one. They each hold great meaning to Felix and he will not willing remove them.

His eyes are the golden color of a rising sun. The pupils, instead of being black, are a deeper orange. He stares out at the world with worry and anxiety, not entirely trusting of the world.
Timid * Anxious * Soft-Hearted * Innocent

Timid: Easily startled and quick to shrink away from battle, Felix often feels frightened of everything. The world is a scary place and he knows that all too well. While he can be afraid of his own shadow, the alabaster stallion is fiercely protective of those he deems family. His timid nature is only overridden when his family needs him. That is when Felix becomes a lion.

Anxious: Fear. Felix’s life is ruled by anxiety and he lives in a shadow of fear every moment of everyday. Has he offended someone? Did he hurt another? Is he a horrible equine? Will those who meet him, reject the onyx dipped stallion? Questions always rebound in his head and Felix can find himself avoiding others because of his anxiety. He is often sad and lonely because of this.

Soft-Hearted: For all his faults and short comings, the porcelain stallion holds a heart of gold. Sympathy and kindness are freely given to those he meets, if he can bring himself to meet them. Tempered by his timid nature, Felix tries his best to help those in need. For those he sees as ‘in need’ will be helped to the best of his abilities.

Innocent: As much as he tries to hide it, as much as he tries to be distrustful and hate the world, there is an innocence to Felix that society has not beat out of him. Never one to judge another based on what they have done, Felix will listen to anyone who needs a kind ear. Shy, patient, open-minded and fair to all, the white stallion seems to be a beacon of light in a dark world.

Born into a noble family, Felix’s life seemed charmed from the outside. However, what the parents of the baby did not show the world, was just how little they wanted him. Felix was a blight on their good name the moment he was born. Unwanted and unloved, the young colt grew up without knowing what he had done to deserve such hate. An only child, Felix became an outlet for all the negative, hurtful things that his parents held in their hearts. When things went wrong for his parents, they took it out on Felix. When something good happened to them, they simply ignored the boy, too caught up in their own joy to waste any thought on him.

His mother constantly ridiculed and tormented the young colt by telling him just how much his family loathed him. ‘A mistake’ and ‘unwanted’ were her words of choice when she talked to him. Sometimes she flat out ignored Felix for days, pretending he did not exist when he was in the same room with her. Other times, the woman would unleash torrents of cruel words that cut the child to his soul and left him whimpering from despair.

The cold, uncaring woman who had born him was nothing compared to his father. He cruelly tormented his son with emotional games, sometimes giving Felix the affection the child craved with fiber of his being, before withholding food or water as punishment for chores not done. The stallion would tut and scold him with a smile on his face as he said things to the child that should never be told to someone you love.

One cold night, when the winter chill was upon the land, a young Felix had finally had enough. Without a word, he slipped out into the starless night and fled his home. Taking nothing with him, for he did not want any memories of that place, the child wandered unknown lands for weeks. Each day he grew weaker as he ate little and ran himself hard. Terrified that his family was just a step behind and that he would be forced to return home, always spurred the youth onward.

Until the one day he could no longer move. Legs finally gave out on him and he laid in a field, weak from hunger and thirst, the boy felt his life escaping him. As his vision clouded and started to fade, a shadow fell over him and fear gripped his heart. He tried to fight, to yell and scream at whoever had found him to leave him alone but he was too tired. With that, Felix slipped into a realm of darkness.

A kind, poor farmer had found Felix in his hour of need and brought him home to the farmer’s family. His name was Oliver and his wife’s name was Martha. They had three children of their own, Joseph, Olivia and Charlie. They were a happy, loving family who welcomed Felix with open arms. It took weeks for the boy to heal enough to be able to help around the farm but the family always fed and took care of him without asking for anything. Smiles and kind words were given freely and Felix finally understand everything he had been missing.

When he was strong enough, he worked along the other children, helping around the farm. Laughter entered his life and, for the first time, Felix was allowed to be a child. He loved them and was loved by them. Months turned into a year and a drought took hold of the land. Times became hard for the family but they still greeted each day with smiles and laughter. Felix toiled and learned in that blessed year.

Then, one fateful night, as Felix lay awake thinking of how truly happy he was, soft, hushed voices reached his ears. The children all shared a room and the others were asleep. So, he slipped out of his room to listen to the parents talk. They spoke of a problem and how they had to take of it. Tears leaked out the young colt’s eyes as he knew they must be talking about him. Without listening to the rest of the conversation, which was really about how they were going to feed their children, he went back to the shared room.

Looking at the others, he made up his mind, he was going to leave. He took the one thing that meant the most to him, a red ribbon that symbolized the love the family had for him. “Our love will always follow you.” They had said when they gave him the ribbon. Tying it around his neck, Felix once more slipped out into the night and fled the only loving home he knew. When they woke the next morning, he was gone with no note to explain why. They searched for him in vain. From that day on, they always kept him in their hearts.

Years passed and the colt became a stallion. He is still the timid boy from all those years ago but the kindness showed to him by that family, softened and warmed his heart.

Now he finds himself once more entering a strange, new land.
Felix is a Light Dragon

Unbeknownst to Felix, there is a power hidden within him. A slumbering beast lies just behind those golden eyes. When the alabaster stallion becomes emotional the beast awakens and takes over. Felix shifts into a pure white dragon that seems to have light coming from inside his scales. The stallion sleeps while the dragon, an ancient incarnation of pure light that was melded into his body at birth, takes over. The dragon, named Luminoso, is his protector.

Felix has the ability to manipulate all forms of light, shaping and bending it into anything he sees fit to make. From weapons (which he absolutely detests and avoids at all costs) to orbs of light, nothing is beyond his capability. The stallion is unsure how or why he is able to do this but he seems to have an innate gift of knowledge about how to make things with light.

Luminoso is a master of the light element and, besides shaping it, can make his own. This allows the dragon to always have light to pull from.

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"I am a lost boy, from Neverland. Usually hanging out with Peter Pan."

Gender: Stallion
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