What was once a beautiful, pearlescent white is now flecked and marked by black and charcoal gray across parts of her face, neck, frame and hind legs that looks like dappling... but not quite. Her eyes are a empty, pupil-less white where once there was bright and shining emerald green. Around then, it almost looks like black mascara smeared by the tears of the torture she endured in another life. Her unicorn's horse is spiraled and yet, it is twisted... almost mangled like a tree branch in a way. Her knees are black, but that's not enough to hide the faint markings that look like scars from where she may have been cut... or perhaps dragged her own teeth against her flesh?... Her mane and tail are an inky black and seem to float around her as though they would in water. But, what many might notice first is that the ash and unearthly smoke-like smog falls from her tresses and obsidian hooves. And yet, what perhaps is most eerie is the barbwire around her face, neck, and hind-left leg. Many scars and freshly bleeding scratches can be found on her skin here. Within the wire, an unsettling arrangement of roses that seem to have been placed carefully in various places.
Most days, Quella is simply - yet not so simply - odd. It is clear that there is something wrong with the woman, her empty gaze unnerving and eerie to many as they track any who manage to capture her attention. Just because she does not have pupils does not mean that she does not see the world outside her own mind. She is often found silently standing in the shadows, surrounded by the strange smoke-like smog and ask that falls around her constantly. Some may think she's withdrawn or introverted, perhaps even shy or timid. But, these don't quite... fit, either. She is drawn to laughter, and she almost seems to have this... intuition about others, able to see who is kind and who is not. And this is on a "good" day within her mind. She trusts no one, and it remains to be seen if she is capable of such a thing. She can be inquisitive, her deranged mind always seems to be working. She fixates upon those with what she calls "light", and the brighter or purer the heart, the more drawn to them she becomes . This may cause a possessiveness in her, a dangerous trigger that may result in... less than pleasant things. But, what perhaps lends her a very unnerving aura that ears her many a sideways glance is that she is quite literally covered in scars. What one unlucky wanderer might stumble upon is Quella in the shadows, mutilating herself once she tastes her own blood. There is something about the taste of crimson that seems to set off a bloodlust with her and is but one catalyst to bring to light her murderous side that revels in taking a life, though when it is her own, one with perspective can almost feel the anguish and desperation buried beneath the disease and darkness that runs rampant through her. She is unstable and unpredictable in every sense of these words, but on her worst days, where the darkness writhes and screams... she's driven to terrible things, from torturing others to setting upon them the curse she was given by Pestilence himself.
Her name wasn't always Quella. No, once, she was a breathtakingly beautiful unicorn mare with pearlescent white skin and emerald green eyes so bright and full of life. Bellanoté and been the name given to her by loving parents. Life was kind to her, just as she was warm and kind to those she encountered. But, one day, that all changed. She was captured and tortured. Her captors bound her face, neck, and legs with barbwire wrapped so tightly around her skin that they cut her each time she would move or breathe. But, that is not where it stops. They would come into her chamber and choke her with the wire around her elegant neck, so many times over and so mercilessly that her voice is no longer smooth and sweet like wildflower honey. Now, it is an eerie, hushed, maybe even slightly raspy whisper and no more. She cannot raise her voice or yell, she cannot sob or laugh. They beat her and abused her, leaving her weak, bleeding, and crying until she couldn't muster the tears any longer. She was starved by her tormentors to the brink of death and sought salvation, an ending to her unrelenting suffering. She was so abused for so long that her mental state eventually changed. She became angry and filled with hate, spat in the face of what were once her beliefs, that good things happened to good, kind people. What no one ever told her was that bad things happen to good people, too. And, sometimes, too many bad things can break a good spirit beyond repair... One day, Pestilence came to her, drawn by her hatred. He offered her a way out, offered to grant her his power over blight so that she could free herself from her captors. And she took that deceitful curse disguised as a blessing. She set upon her tormentors a sickness unlike anything the world has ever known, and they perished in a cloud of disease so malignant, invasive, and fatal which took only three day's time to take what they did not deserve. But, what she did not know, was that it wasn't a gift of kindness. Darkness consumed her heart and twisted her mind even further with Pestilence's curse, and she changed. Her appearance shows this. What was once so pure and white became colored by the disease and darkness that ran rampant. A nearly suffocating and unearthly black smog almost like smoke and ash fall from her tresses. Her eyes became empty like her soul. She wanders, driven by the disease and darkness, and on her worst days, she leaves bloodied bodies in her wake. For every life she takes, she adds a rose to her barbwire ensemble. Yes, she freed herself of those who tortured her... but, instead of finding freedom, she has found herself thrown into the hands of a much crueler fate.
So "graciously" given her powers by one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse, she wields the terrifying power of pestilence manipulation. She can create, shape and manipulate pestilence, including pests (rats and bats), locusts that swiftly destroy vegetation, and flies that carry disease. She can create, invoke, and control diseases and viruses, though because she is not nearly as powerful as Pestilence himself, she can only inflict sickness and disease upon another for a short time and will likely only make them terribly ill, but never quite enough to kill them (unless the player wishes). This may be a different story for each creature, depending mostly on how strong their immune system might be. Because of this power she has, a side effect is that she is immune to pests, disease, and sickness physically - though her mentality may very well say otherwise. She also has voice projection, able to carry her hushed, whispering voice to others within her eyesight. All she needs is a glimpse of another and understand where they are to make her voice sound as though she is right behind them. And, perhaps because of her power over blight, she is capable of hearing the heartbeats of other creatures around her. Also, though not a power, ash and unearthly smoke-like smog falls from her tresses and obsidian hooves, following her wherever she falls, and her mane and tail seem to float and follow her in a sort of constantly levitated state.
Just the darkness and disease within her mind that are constantly "talking" to her.
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"I tried to hold these secrets inside me. My mind's like a deadly disease" - Control by Halsey

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