He is built like a thoroughbred, lean and athletic, but this is where a firm resemblance to reality ends. Rienzi's coat is almost grulla in color, but a full pattern of zebra stripes decorates his shoulders down onto his forelegs. His mane, feathers, and the tuft at end of his lion's tail are the color of fire. He is adorned with silver jewelry, and from his forehead protrudes a long, curved horn, the color of pernambuco.
Rienzi has been a solitary animal, foraging and traveling alone. Many questions about his own past remain unanswered. He is confused, lonely and a little bit afraid, but his face will never show it. The stallion puts on a show of aggression and faces the world with caution. Only time will tell who he truly is.
Rienzi awoke to the hot desert sun scorching his skin. He was sore, wounded and dying of thirst. He struggled to his feet and through a haze of desert heat and a headache that threatened to split his skull in two, he found water, and sustenance in dry desert shrubs. He could recall only flashes of a red mare and a coal black stallion. Who are they? Who is he? He doesn't remember a thing, not even his own name. He set out on a mission, looking for anything or anyone. The stallion has seen deserts and mountains and rivers in between, but now his travels carry him here, to Liridon. He finds himself powerless in a world of powerful beings, knowing nothing about himself or the world he wanders. He comes looking for answers. He comes looking for home.
Rienzi possesses no magical ability aside from the minor telekinesis ability present in all equines of Liridon.
Rienzi has no companion.
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About Rienzi

"Outside our windows, something like youth or promises. How the wind blows right through them, blossoming. Fleet." --Jan Zwicky

Gender: Stallion
Height: 16.2 hh
Played by: Sabrina

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