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She stands almost at 14.3 hands presently, but still has some growing to do, and will likely come to stand around 15.2. Each eye takes after each parent: her left shares her father's teal, whilst her right shares her mother's olive. She boasts a soft cream base coat with a light chestnut blanket dotted with fawn spots just like her mother. Her ears and her muzzle are both tipped in a greyed bay colour. She has a long full tail that is also like her mother's, which gradients from chestnut to flaxen, whilst she shares her father's chestnut colouration for her mane, that she also keeps cropped short.

Now, what really stands out on this young lady are the tree growths that sprout from her chest and wrap around her shoulders, and from her forehead. These branches are thick and strong and somehow always support lush green leaves. There is also a green emerald that is positioned in the middle of her forehead where, like on her father, a horn could be. Given that it has not grown out by this point, it is unlikely it will ever, but it most definitely would have been one.
Adahlen is an inquisitive child that loves to travel and learn, even if that means getting herself into sticky or troublesome situations. She is gentle and kind, although that is largely due to her youthful innocence and her parent's influence. Whilst she knows how to stand up for herself when being put down by others, she much prefers to ignore such situations and get on with her day. She is still at a very influential age, and whilst she does know right from wrong, there is nothing to say that she cannot be manipulated by someone charismatic enough. In general, however, she is a well-mannered child that finds it fairly easy to make friends in the right company. There is still much for her to learn.

However, after travelling with her family through a portal, her Golden Eagle companion, Vallas, was seemingly left behind; she has since felt very lost without him and blames her father for not waiting. This, mixed with general teenage hormones, has started Adahlen down the road of rebellion as she begins to distance herself from her innocent youth.
Adahlen is the daughter of Milly Mae and Suledin, and was born in a private meadow hidden within a large cave that her parents called home in the lands of Caeleste. Her tree growths caused complications for her mother, but her father was quick on his feet with a healing potion, and Adahlen was born healthy. She was gifted a Golden Eagle companion named Vallas by her father's companion, Asala.She had inherited her mother's knack for healing, having discovered this during an incident where she had been chasing a butterfly and accidentally tumbled into it and tore a wing. The mare Aeoloni had been taking care of her for the day and encouraged her to discover her abilities, allowing her to heal the injured critter which promptly flew off once mended.

However, the time came when her family chose to leave the only place she had known as home. Her father left first with Asala, in search of a new safe place for them to reside in solitude, and sent word in their dreams that it was time for them to follow him. So she and her mother departed Caeleste, and for an unknown length of time, they called a secluded forest shrouded in magic, home. It was protected not only by magic but by packs of wolves and other creatures; a live-and-let-live policy was mutually adopted by all.

One night, however, a portal appeared and her father called them all through it to begin a new adventure. It wasn't until they were through and it had closed that she became aware of her missing companion, Vallas. The Golden Eagle was nowhere to be found, and she couldn't even feel him - even Asla, her father's spirit wolf companion, could not sense him. Though they did not linger in this strange yet beautiful place for too long, being without Vallas, whom she had been with since her birth, ate away at her and she began to sink into a vow of silence towards her family, turning to body language or sounds where needed, or risk snapping or saying something rude. Even after leaving this place, Vallas was still nowhere to be found, though Asala was confident the bird was still alive . This gave Adahlen a little flicker of hope, yet she continues to dwell and allow the anger to bubble.
Adahlen inherited both of her parent's magics, being both a healer and a somniari (a dream walker).

She can heal small creatures or basic injuries, but she spent a portion of her youth learning how to make tea out of the leaves of her branches and salves from the sap, both of which have different healing properties depending on what else has been mixed with them.

As a child, she was greatly interested in being able to explore in her dreams. With her father's aid, of course, given his mastery and experience, she was able to explore amazing things that he'd seen or from places he'd been to or dreamwalked in himself. It is dangerous for her to go alone due to her inexperience, though she does not have complete control over when this may happen. As of late, however, she has had no interest in willingly entering these places, though due to her increase in emotions it is easier for her to accidentally enter and put herself in danger.
Gifted to her at her birth was Vallas, a large male Golden Eagle - emphasis on the golden, as his feathers were truly something to behold. He kept an eye on her from above most of the time when she was little, and when her growths were big enough for him to perch in, he would do so to rest or when it was time to sleep. However, he has since gone missing after an incident Adahlen blames her father for.

Not long after coming to Liridon with her family and settling down, she went off on her own through the forest and was met by a rather cheeky little monkey, a white-faced Capuchin named Buras. He is in his adolescence as she is, making for a dangerous combination, especially when he has a desire of mischief and general troublemaking.
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The Promise of the Mother Forest.

Gender: Female
Height: 14.3 hh
Played by: Emberling

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