Wendigo is a tall and skinny mare, built more like a sapling willow than a giant oak tree. Her coat is, for the most part, black, though she is graying out from her back legs to her withers. She has very faint gray skeletal markings on the front part of her body, from her hooves to the vertebrae in her neck. She has a half-skull marking on her face and icy blue eyes. She displays a rack of large antlers atop her head, which are often tangled with her mane.
Wendigo is convinced she's trapped in a horror movie. She is skittish and frightful, and that has a tendency to rub off on others. She's a super fan of scary stories and will be more than happy to tell them if she believes she's in a safe enough place. Typically, she's friendly--but most of the time she convinces herself that the horses she meets are ghosts because they don't feel the fear she does. She's highly superstitious and gullible, to the point that she often accidentally abandons herds she's in because she's too afraid to stay. Highly pessimistic and fascinated with death, Wendigo struggles to make friends and keep them. To date, she has 0 friends and family.
Wendigo was born to an average herd of antlered horses. She was accidentally kicked in the head as a weanling, which altered her personality considerably. Considered a danger to herself and others, Wendigo was abandoned early by her family and she has been traveling alone ever since. Recently, she met a horse that reminded her of summer, and she had thought she may have found a friend, but that ended quite abruptly when Wendigo somehow ended up in Liridon.
Antlers - Wendigo has antlers akin to a white-tailed deer, however they are large and black. Fear Manipulation - Wendigo can manipulate the feeling of fear in others. This is completely uncontrolled and she has no idea she can do it. How others react is completely up to them. FOR THE FUTURE: - Shadow Manipulation - Nightmare Hallucinations
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About Wendigo

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Gender: Female
Height: 16.3 hh
Played by: siat-s

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