- Thoroughbred-type build
- Several shades of green- bright green around soft points, near black on legs/towards topline
- White painted stripes around neck and haunches (design can vary)
- Orange sun tattoo on right haunch
- Orange finger paintings on nose and commonly across right eye.
- Mane and tail in dreadlocks and braids, with varying beads

Tauthe is a fairly tall, thin, and sometimes sickly-looking horse. She has a very slight build and can be described as not looking athletic at all. Her skin is a mix of shades of green, with lighter, bioluminescent greens about her soft points- along her belly, groin, chest, and armpits. There are darker shades of green, nearing black, towards her spine and closer to her hooves- with one small white coronet marking on her right foreleg. Tauthe is often decorated with body paintings, most commonly a mix of mud and pigment, and the markings do tend to flake off over time. Frequently, they are white stripes around her throat and on her haunches, and with orange finger paintings on her face. The only marking that does not come off is an orange-red sun that has been tattooed onto her skin, surrounded by singed hair. Her hair is long and matted, sometimes into dreadlocks and with thin, messy braids throughout her hair in a mix of black and white. Often Tauthe decorates her appearance with various animal skulls (recent sacrifices) and beads (offerings from 'customers'). There is no particular organization or method to her accessories.


- Con-woman
- Sly, tricky
- Greedy
- Selfish
- Deceitful
- Overzealous, overconfident

Tauthe is a lonesome creature. In the woods, the only company she knows is that of her own crooning words, and of the demons that she summons, or the animals she sacrifices. Offering deals or blessings to strangers, her object is to scam them into benefiting her. Often she wears a mask of trying to help, when more often than not, through her own ineptitude, she often curses them in some way. Yet, Tauthe does not care as long as she gets her payments and can pull the fleece over the eyes of her victims. She can be coy and manipulative, creating false friendships with those that somehow fall for her mystique, but she is not afraid to get what she feels is deserved to her.

It has been a long time since Tauthe had a childhood. The rumors say that she simply appeared out of thin air, dragging her body out of the green waters of a far, far away swamp. It seems as though there was never a time where Tauthe did not exist, moving from forest to forest, dancing through swamp to swamp, wading through the waters and singing her sickly tunes.

For a time, she settled into a forest, creating a hovel in which to hide. There, at the edge of a swamp, she collected a ring of followers. They were desperate people, crowding around her at random times, offering up dead birds and snakes, begging for blessings of fertility and success. Yet their offerings were never enough for her. Desperately hungry for power, Tauthe devised a way to trick the people, giving them small tastes of her magic and sending them into the world with a false sense of power.

For a while, that had been enough. Until the babies started dying. Foals, once robust and healthy, were falling ill- perhaps due to the lack of power in her magic, or perhaps to the disgusting filth that they all lived in. Herds turned against her, with fire in their eyes and anger on their lips- they drove her out.

One fateful night, as Tauthe danced around her purple flames, her tongue twisting as she spoke a strange, faraway language that no one had heard before, they found her. With teeth and hooves, they came after her, screaming obscenities and driving her away. Yet, not before her spell had been completed. The great mangrove tree that she had found shelter under, stooping low and creating the roof of her make-shift shelter, came to life. With a creak and a groan, the tree bent forward, the wood about the trunk splintering and cracking. It descended upon the people, swiping them away as a cat does a mouse, beating them back into the swamp as Tauthe fled.

Exhausted, hungry, and now homeless, she continued her timeless journey throughout the land.

No matter where she went, there were deep and dangerous swamps to hold her, the soggy ground calling her. There was life in every little drop of water in the swamps- swinging vines to hide her, deer that got lost, tempted by the sweet green moss that grew, and the birds that hid in the trees sang cow-songs and screamed bitter shrieks. There was life and beauty in the gross, muddy halls of the swamp, and they always called to her.

Once more, she has found herself situated in a swamp, finding that the great mangrove tree had somehow followed her, whispering insults and curses at her in a tongue only she could hear. It was here, in this little corner of the swamp, that she hides in the trees, taking offerings of life and once more picking up her foolish ways.
- All other powers are drawn from the blood of her sacrifices, the strength of her powers depending on the size of the sacrifice. Small animals result in weak powers, large animals such as elk, deer, bears, etc, result in much stronger abilities.
- Anything to be sacrificed must be alive before it comes into her hands, if the sacrifice is dead, the blood is "tainted", and any powers resulting from the sacrifice will go horribly wrong.
- Allows for spellcasting and potion making (see "Other" for spellbook and any active castings)

- Types of summonings range depending on strength of sacrifice.
- Some summonings require more preparation- fire, earth, water, blood.
- Summoned demons can be gifted to other users in order for use in-post, but they have a lifespan. Some demons can last for several posts/threads, some can only last for one post. (Included in services Tauthe provides)
- Any demons summoned are typically invisible to others, unless Tauthe or the Demon wish to be seen.
- NPC Demons (used in-post only) are as follows:
--- Imps: Smallest and weakest, no physical threat to others, can do very menial tasks, such as sending messages. (Come in Lesser and Greater variations- same power, only Greater Imps are capable of intelligent conversation.)
--- Foliot: Capable of possessing some intelligence, can perform some menial physical tasks (hauling goods, picking up items, converstion)
--- Afrit: Difficult to summon. Intelligent, capable of all tasks including attacks on others- hard to control by summoner. Often had names by which they must be controlled.
--- Marid: Strongest of demons. Almost impossible to summon. Require a physical object or body to be summoned into in order to control and contain them. WARNING: CAN CAUSE PHYSICAL HARM
**Note: All above demons can only be summoned if there is a sacrifice present, and lack of 'safeguards' can result in death to summoner**<

- A farce
- When cast upon observer, they will experience some following symptoms: headache, tingling, temporary blindness (30sec - 10min), weakness, sleepiness.
- Requires no sacrifice, but only causes mild discomfort, used to trick people into thinking a spell has been cast on them.

- Mild/moderate control of all plants
- Strong control over pre-existing vines
- Enhanced herb/plant recognition
- Green thumb: good at growing plants
- Spontaneous plant sprouting
Gran Bede is a mangrove tree. Infused with an old demon that Tauthe had summoned during her youth, Gran Bede is a living tree. Capable of violently swinging her branches, and through great effort, she can pull up her roots and move. Often she offers Tauthe shelter, and it is under the watchful, wooden eyes of Gran Bede that Tauthe does her summonings and sacrifices. Though forever bonded to Tauthe, Gran Bede does not feel any love for her and often tries to cause mischief or make Tauthe's life harder. Gran Bede can communicate with Tauthe and any creature possessing powers over plant-life through shaking her leaves, which can sound like the hiss of leaves on a windy day to those that cannot hear her speak, but her voice is a low whisper to those that can understand her.

Lumas is a Great Cormorant possessed by an imp that happily does Tauthe's bidding. Often he completes tasks for Tauthe, often going off in search of ingredients for spells. If he is not needed, he often spends his time with Gran Bede wherever Tauthe has put down her roots and set up camp. Lumas is only capable of answering Tauthe's demands with simple "yes" and "no" answers, sometimes trying to communicate with squawks and screeches, and tends to get on Tauthe's nerves, thus she does not keep him around.
Woven Vine Hovel - Tauthe's current "living space", currently located in the lake until she needs to move.

***The following spells can be created with the help of lesser or greater demons (must be summoned beforehand) and with the appropriate ingredients listed. All affects are temporary, cannot cause physical damage to others.***
***Incantation only spells are spells that cannot be used on others- often used to aide Tauthe in whatever she is trying to do, such as catch sacrifices, create camps, control Gran Bede, and summon other applicable powers.***
Indicates ingredients, Indicates incantation

1. A drop of blood, a piece of flesh, a pinch of bone dust
"San nan san sou latè sou latè viv ankò."
An undead servant created from a pile of bones or from a corpse. Life from bones creates a living skeleton, life from a corpse creates a zombie. Temporary life.

2. Black bark, drop of blood, a dry bird skull
"Santi doulè dife mache sou zegw"
A curse of needles. Temporary stinging and burning. Mental, trickery. Convincing- only strong minds prevail.

3. A clay or glass jar, a moth's wings, a wooden cork, a vial of holy water
"Lwen, lwen! Kenbe vit rete an sekirite kouri pa soti nan limit fizik ou"
An ethereal soul can be trapped in a jar. The power of containment is temporary, as glass and clay can shatter under the stress of a soul. Best used for capturing nightmares, demons, and dreams.

4. A camel's eyelash, the claw of a raven, a handful of swamp algae, a great banana leaf
"Kite m'pran penti ou- _____"
A salve created from the mixture, put into the banana leaf and placed upon a wound. The wound will heal, and be transferred to any one named during the incantation. Failure to name someone to receive the wound will result in the wound being transferred to the spellcaster (Tauthe, or any scruples that learn her magic)

5. A handful of watery mud, a cup made of clay, a crow's feather
"Moutre m'kite, m'wè mwen, bezwen yon chemen"
Mud is placed in a cup or bowl, a crow's feather set aloft on top. Any requests to find something can be made, and the feather will point the way.

6. Dife ak pousyè tè, latè ak dlo.
Incantation only- once a fire/campsite is created, Tauthe can summon vines and weave them into a hut, in which she will live for however long she needs. Once Gran Bede retracts her protection of the hovel, it will turn to dust and disappear. *Feeds off Gran Bede's demonic powers*.

Dife ak pousyè tè, latè ak dlo. - Tauthe created a hut for herself (17/05/2020)


Gran Bede - Afrit encased in the body of a mangrove tree.
Lumas - Lesser imp encased in the body of a cormorant.

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