A massive height of twenty five hands, and a thick, burly body, Gytha is terrifying to meet in person. She gives off waves of intimidation, but she means no harm to anyone.

She has a base coat of an ivory cream, which darkens to browns on her rear legs and on her face, as well as on her very long ears. Her wings, extended and massive are varying shades of brown as well.

Gytha has no mane or tail. Instead, she has feathers. Lots and lots of feathers. They take up all of her neck, from her head down to her withers, flexing to puff up or lay smooth like a bird, while her tail is shaped exactly like a vulture's tail would be. The same type of feathers on her neck also extend down her front legs, at least to the knees, puffing out like strange feathery pants.

Her irises are cream, her scalera white, and her pupils black. There's a barely discernible difference in her eyes, which are very easily seen on her face thanks to the red markings around them.
Gytha is what's considered to be a mother hen type, extremely protective and motherly. She doesn't look it, more like someone that's intimidating as can be. But she's a joyful creature, focused on family and the close-knit communities that she came from in Brynjar.

Not violent by nature, she doesn't shy from it either, having been raised to be a warrior. However, she sees herself more as a protector, and thus will not fight unless provoked, and even then it takes something as attacking someone she cares for. Which encompasses plenty of things, should she get her wings around them. She's known to 'adopt' others.

All in all, she's something like a very pleased Norse woman, something akin to the vikings back in the day. Very independent, very much happy to have family ties.
Hailing from Brynjar, Gytha comes from the far far north of Novus. A land of ice giants and deities, no one bats an eye at the conception of foals from the deities and the mortals, but a foal between a giant and a deity?

A goddess and giant came together, and Gytha was the result. No one knows the story of how it happened, only that Gytha was the result, a larger than life foal full of feathers and massive wings and ears, proud even as a young creature. Even so, no on dared ask her mother what happened.

Growing up, she was raised among mortals, with her mother at her side pretending to be mortal. No one knew the wiser, save for the fact that Gytha grew larger and larger. Feathers, massive wings, a tail that was nothing but feathers. She was soon growing bigger than others around her, thick legged and large bodied. A creature of the north, of muscle and power, she had thrown herself into training as a warrior, but soon was more suited as a protector.
Due to her lineage, Gytha is capable of harnessing ice and creating it from the humidity and water in the air or around her. It can be used in various ways, but due to the fact she's so thickly feathered and has a thick coat, she uses it to keep herself cool on hot days. She can certainly use it to hurt someone, but she doesn't.

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About Gytha

Don't ask us, they haven't told us anything >.>

Gender: female
Height: 25 hh
Played by: Kai

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