Fantasia, a very tiny sized amalgamation of bird and horse. Not pegasus, let's call it bird horse. Her horse part is bay colored, with a lithe neck and curled ears. Her mane is pulled up in knots. Her bird part, with some markings reaching to her horse side, resembles a Bird Of Paradise (Greater or Lesser). Her wings are also bird-of-paradise, with claws fingers as seen on microraptor. She does not have four legs like a horse, she has two bird scaled legs instead. She has spurs characteristic of roosters. Fantasia is bird-sized enough where she can perch on the top of a average-sized horse's head with little stress.
Ebullient, friendly, outgoing as expected from a social flock-oriented race. Except for proven predators, Fantasia seems to hold little fear of creatures and equines that are god sized compared to her. Once one is deemed not a predator, obtaining Fantasia's trust and friendship is easy, she becomes protective and resourceful. She can become a bit of a feather-ruffled spitfire, in which the only way to calm her down is burritoing her in a cloth.

Fantasia came from a world where curious looking birdish horses like her were a common sight. They were highly social and hosted huge flocks that became dark forms that danced with the sky. They were vegetarian and ate any sugar high byproduct to keep their vitality high and powers at peak shape. Their offspring are very pocket-sized, and they usually grow no more than 40 inches in length with their tail. They were also known as a pest. The manner in which they ate destroyed crops, gardens, and food storages of neighboring farms.

This world also had non-sentient horses, and Fantasia's kind were very well aware that they were much more sentient and crafty, so they were not afraid to steal from barns, stables, and harasses the occasional horse.

So it was quite a surprise when out of the blue, a huge, magical and sentient equine with fantastical features entered their lives. The birdish horses were immediately intrigued, and the stranger soon obtained the flocks trust, tricked them, led them to a cropland filled with food.

A many birdish horses as possible landed in the crops as possible, before the fake sky revealed itself over them and the sound of multiple gunshots materialized underneath. Many of her flock were shot and collapse on impact with the iridescent but invisible force field that trapped them. Fantasia was young, this was her first foraging and she was lost in the storm of feathers and squeals.

Their traitor was also lost in the flying fire, their quintessent form reared and they roared at the outside world.
"We had a deal! How dare you underevolved savages betray me! You will be punished!"

After that the false sky shattered down, and a portal was formed where those that were not shot down were immediately sucked in.

Fantasia tried her hardest to fly away but was inevitably sucked in. Now she is here all by her lonesom to harass your garden birds and eat your seeds or something.

Zoolingualism- Fantasia is capable of communicating with less sentient creatures, predominantly birds, small insects, small lizards.

Enhanced Speed/Stamina/Reflexes/Sight- Supreme vision, the ability to react quickly, and get in the air to avoid death is a natural necessity for creatures that are basically prey-sized. It's only in flight where Fantasy has enhanced speed. And her flying and high energy won't stop until she's safe. Or hungry.

A malnourished Fantasia, her species dependent on high vitality and a fast metabolism, probably has weaker powers. She is energized by high-sugared foods like fruits, nectar, honey, sugar canes.

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No description

About Fantasia

Noma- Bird Power

Gender: Female
Height: 10 inches hh
Played by: SnowcappedQuinceanera

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