Earth covets the divine creature that heralds the spring time colors. Rich hues of green, yellow, and brown make up the equine's pelt. The hooves are a rich gold, whole instead of cloven. Green tinges the left fore-leg and back left hind-leg, but it is a rich yellow that tinges the base of the other two legs. Two white spots are visible on the left fore-leg, near the ankle; whilst the right back leg has one white spot on the ankle and one highger up near the hock. Variations of vivid yellow and a deeper golden hue mix into the limbs. Rich, ever a reminder of the earthen feel of the whole body.

Upon the vivid yellow-green flank on both sides are three white spots, as if to pull the whole aesthetic together. As the skin fades to a more yellow hue, there plumes a rich brown trail from the rump. Locks that flow and twist to trail along the ground, collecting debris though none of it ever seems to cling to the delicate hairs. A fitting end to the elegant form.

As the flanks are a bright calling of rich green, this fades to a yellow-orange hue against the sides of the equine, as if Spring's touch is merely beginning from the thaw of Winter. The subtle slope of the back is almost pretty, feminine in nature, though toned muscle would argue towards a more masculine approach to the architecture of this being. Green springs up once more near the meeting of the front limbs to the belly region, though its merely a tease of color. Here towards the front of the elegant shape the yellow-orange is more prominent. Three white spots disrupt the vibrant color on either side upon the shoulders, a tie to the spots on the flanks of the equine.

Vivacious tones climb upwards, only to fade into the rich earth brown of the elegant curvature of the neck, and the lithe yet nicely shaped skull. Along the curve of the neck, on the left side, are two white spots, an end to those that litter the body. Brown is prominent at the top of the body, covering the entirety of the face. Only, there is a strip of white that starts at the nose, more towards the left nostril, and starts at a sharp point before it draws downwards in a thick line until it clips the chin. There are also mossy green eyes that peer out from the brown of the face. Gentle and wise, perhaps, as they take in the equine’s surroundings.

At the peak of the skull are two elongated brown ears, reminiscent of leaves maybe, or otherwise from the lineage of this equine. Situated just behind the ears curve thin ivory antlers. A curious rack, closer to a deer’s, that curve behind the skull with tines that curl off the main stem. Threaded around the antlers and ears flow locks of yellow-green that intermittently fade into brown and a paler mid-shade of orange that fall in a cascade of waves until they hang about sixty centimeters beneath the stomach line.

There is a want to know the earth intimately and its inhabitants. Always curious about nature. The circle of life is just as intriguing. Life brings death, death brings life. Knowledge is gained through vast studies. An intrigue almost never fulfilled. Eventually a settled soul, when the thirst is quenched for the facts of life.

An experimental alchemist. There are herbal tonics and tinctures that are known well for natural healing. Only the more magical properties of potions are more experimental, as discoveries have been made with a variety of ingredients. Both mythical and natural alike. Magical properties are of course the most attention bringing.

Though quite enraptured by adventure and the youthful goading of thrill, there is a gentle aura from the equine. Humbled by the earth and greater beings that inhabit different realms, there is a great care about nature and how it is handled. Perhaps a point of contention with some, depending on the lack of care that someone exhibits. Kind is likely a deep characteristic, as magic is used primarily for good and defensively.

Violence is not unknown to the stallion. Antlers have been worn in battle before, the twitch of magic used with loyalty. With a great cause aligned with, there is a need sometimes for violence to help life transcend to a more peaceful state. As such, there is no need to pick individual brawls over ego or pride, only if the moral boundaries have been crossed. More likely to fight for others than himself.

Somewhat of a chivalrous fellow, aligned with the moralistic views that general taboo things are bad. Courteous as well, and a protector of the gentle, softer folk. Not exactly a knight in gilded armor, but the stallion is one to stand at the ready for another.

Of course, there are no deep ties with one who travels often. Always places have never lingered long to imprint on his mind. Friends, lovers, and even enemies are a passing thing for the equine. Though perhaps at a more settled advantage deeper relationships will grow. Loyalty is not necessarily known at length, however if the tie is felt deeply loyalty will be given and never betrayed. A noble soul in that respect. While he may be viewed as secretive due to the loose ties that are normally carried, there is perhaps only a few that would know the finite thoughts of the stallion.

Really not a recluse, but there’s a definite privacy that surrounds the equine. Personal beliefs, thoughts, and anything concerning his magic or experiments are kept to himself. Though, if aligned with a proper group, there isn’t any concern of betrayal. Merely, not as involved socially about oneself as others. More curious to learn about individuals than give away what is dull in comparison. Also more prone to have issue with closeness or intimacy than some may like, but only for the fact that there's never been a concrete home.

Riodh comes from the Dusk Court, though he is not versed well in the history of his people. As a colt, he was free to explore the realm he lived in and was easily distracted by the more thrilling adventures there were to have. Although his youth was primarily normal, he was also groomed to be of some nobility, though never made it to ascend to any position of importance in his realm. Wanderlust, as it were, stole the youth away as soon as he was deemed old enough to leave the realm.

Family was important to the young male despite his leaving. It was with a heavy heart at times that he looked back on his travels to wonder at the lives his mother and father lives, or his siblings. What wonders his realm must have found whilst he was away. No matter how much he yearned to see their faces he did not return to his home realm. There was a magic pool he’d come across, a way to gaze into the depths of a calm, mirror-like surface, that showed him the faces of those he loved. Whether alive or not was hard to say, but it was enough to instill comfort within the breast of the stallion.

There was far more to see in the world, across realms, and even time. Riodh never delved within the time magics as he had seen little of it on his journey. A dangerous magic to toy with, for if one was not diligent enough to take caution, they could tear a rift in time that would alter some portion of reality forever. A lesson he learned as he had run into just such a sorcerer, who tore a rift in time and ultimately altered their existence, so they were trapped between worlds forevermore. An echo upon the reality in which Riodh lived in.

Deterred from the time magic, Riodh left such a plane of existence where the old sorcerer was trapped. He went to a more natural state of being, among creatures of various sizes and sorts. It was likely within the beginnings of young adulthood that Riodh discovered for the first time that he had a magic of his own. A deep affinity for earth magic had taken root, as he had sprouted a fern on accident whilst concentrating one day beneath the boughs of a rather friendly tree. It was quite the shock to discover that upon his breach of adulthood there had also been a development of power underneath.

Gentle being that Riodh was, he did not delve too far into the powers of earth to be used for violent purposes. Instead there was exploration of the softer side of the magic. Growing plants and spreading vibrant life along the ground. While this development took place, so did a curiosity for alchemy and what potions he could make! Greater strength, faster legs, and even invisibility were in the root of recipes and ingredients, should they be available. Alchemy fast became an interest for the stallion. An art that could easily be coupled with earth magic.

Years past, travels worn, and there was much that had been seen of the existence of alternative lives. Only one lover had been taken at some point in the early years. Someone just as gentle with magic made for healing. A strand of spirit, so to speak, that personified itself when the magic was used by the ever-lovely unicorn. There had been much to learn from such magic, and even as alchemy had become such an important part of his life, there was a further use for potions outside of the mystic as simple as healing.

Though Riodh had loved the unicorn mare, he was a traveler. Wanderlust had stolen his devotion again, and he left to walk the earth as only he might. To learn and gather as much information as he could of the natural world.

Compelling beasts were also an interest for the stallion, though the art of beast mastery was never taken up. A simple man, perhaps, there was only the focus on earth magic. Which was quite stunted due to the lack of mentor. To wade through a natural-born ability alone was a tough route, one that brought surprises around every corner.

Earth magic.

An elemental user that can bend the earth to their being. Scenic manipulations such as vegetation growth are possible, producing plants of many varieties. Thick clumps of bushes or vines can be produced as a defense mechanism, allowing a quick escape should the need arise. Clinging vines or gnarled thorns can trap or leave vicious cuts, showcasing a more offensive nature to earth magic. The larger the flora the more energy and concentration to grow. Smaller plants can take milliseconds to grow based on the skill level of the magic user, while at the peak of magic use larger plants can take seconds to form, even large masses. Growth is an easy production in comparison to manipulating the earth.

Earth manipulation can take form as jutting walls of solid-compact earth, or the opposite. Concave ground, or splitting the ground, takes much more energy and is much harder than forming jutting structures from the ground. Formations can take shape to what the creator wants them to be; however, such productions cannot leave the ground. Earth magic has applicable uses outside of defensive magic - though take heed, there is also an offensive side.

Often the use of growth techniques can also produce plants used for herbal remedies or other such things. Alchemy takes a myriad of plants, and the ability to grow them at ease is one that aids the wielder ultimately. Healing tonics and poisons are in a repertoire of potions, though not the limitation of the alchemist. Such things as increased speed, strength, and even a short-lived invisibility are able to be made with more ingredients outside plant-based remedies.

Riodh's abilities are still underdeveloped. Small plant growth is easy and formations that are about his height are manageable. He is not as quick as more adept magic users. With time his ability to wield earth magic at a more impressive rate will develop and show.

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