Astrona has an Arabian body shape. Her head is dished and her neck is gracefully arched. Her body is light with long legs and a highset tail. Her coat is a dusty rose color with a very rosey hue. Her mane and tail are a darker shade of rose with several teal streaks. She often keeps her mane and tail braided. She has two large wings propped on her withers that are a mix of dark rose grey and teal, with a few gold feathers. Her hooves are dark except for the front left hoof, which is cloven and gold. Running across the top of her back, from her withers to her tail is a patch of hard teal scales. Astrona has no face or leg markings but the sam teal scales run down her nose. On her lower forehead she sports a arched horn, its made of solid bone but instead of being whitish it is almost translucent . High on her neck, usually hidden by her mane she has a small tattoo. It is very meaningful to her and she rarely shows it to anyone. It is a dark teal dragon, surrounded by water. She is quick on her feet and even quicker to bite or kick. Even though she isn't particularly strong her quick hooves and quick mind enable her to win almost any fight.
Astrona is a strong mare with a troubled mind and history. She was never shown a lot of love so she rarely shows it to others. She doesn't open up easily if at all. She has a temper and short patience with most others. She isn't afraid to fight, and hates to lose. She can be very stubborn and always wants her own way. She hates listening to others and almost always stays on her own. She keeps a strong attitude most of time and is rarely, if ever seen with her guard down. Under her strong and closed off exterior she loves attention which is part of the reason for her trouble making. For her, there is either a very close friends that she trusts with her life, or a stranger, or enemy. There is no inbetween. She dreams of having a family and being loved but never says or shows it. She gets into trouble very easily and always finds a way out. She didn't have an easy childhood and never got to laugh and play. She is a very determined horse and when she gets something in her mind she will nOt let it go. She has one weakness, only one. Foals, if she sees a foal in danger or being hurt in any way she immediately springs into action. She isn't afraid of trouble and loves getting into it. Her greatest fear is running water. She never dares to approach a river and tries her best to avoid any sort of creek or stream.
Astrona's parents were loners and never really had a place to call home. They wandered about and young Astrona loved it. She loved being on the move and exploring new things. When she was 2 months old, her parents settled in a small community by a river. When they had been there only a few weeks a huge storm hit and the river began to flood. The first night of the storm Astrona's father went out to help several other horses that lived along the river. He didn't come back home. Astrona's mother began to get very worried and would not leave the riverside. During the second day of the flood Astrona's mother pushed young Astrona onto a high ledge and set off the find her father. That was the last time Astrona saw them. She stayed on the ledge for three days, the water below her too high for anyone to get close. On the third day, a group of scouts finally came across the almost dead filly. They took her back to their small town where she was taken to the orphanage. She didn't speak a single word for three years, until finally an kind old couple of draft horses took her in. During her time at the orphanage she had been teased and bullied because of her silence. No knew what had happened to her and no one knows to this day. She never speaks of those awful few days even though every detail is embedded in her mind. When she was taken in by the old draft horses she was a troubled and angry young horse. Even though they wanted only the best for her, she would grow angry very easily and spent most of her time alone, exploring the forest. After a few months, she began to realize that the old horses truly cared for her and she began to warm up to them. During this time she had begun to speak to them, only a few words. This was the first time since losing her parents, that she had felt truly cared for. Just as she was beginning to really warm up to them the old mare grew sick and within a few weeks was dead. The old stallion, heartbroken and tired grew depressed and sick as well. He died soon after. Astrona was in a mixture of grief and shock. She had finally grew to love again, and they had also died. Before she could be sent back to the orphanage she ran off. She began to live alone in the woods. Eating moss and occasionally grass when she ventured out of the forest. Everyone thought she had died and after several years she was forgotten. She began traveling, roaming the land and going wherever she wanted. She got into trouble more than once for stealing food and other trinkets. She became sly and quick, she learned how to steal things without leaving the slightest sign. She knew it wasn't right, but there was something about the thrill of stealing things that she loved. When she was 12 she was finally caught and held in confinement. She was only there a week as she very easily broke free. She stayed hidden for the next few years, travelling farther than she had before. When she was 17 she began growing impatient with her hidden and alone life, she was soon to be an adult and she wanted more. She was getting lonely. Now at 19 she is slowly and carefully working her way into society, trying her hardest to fit in.
Astrona was never much aware of her magic. She didn't know she had any until she was 8. Her translucent horn fills with a blinding acid whenever she is in need of defense. She became aware of this when she was feeling from a guard who had caught her stealing. Her horn begins to glow and then fills with and tealish grey liquid. She then can aim with perfect precision and blind an enemy. The acid stings the eyes, making them glow a faded teal color permitting no light to pass into the eyes. It wears off after about two hours. The horn can also imitate echo location, allowing Astrona to see things others normally can't.~~~~ Her second ability comes from her cloven gold hoof. At certain strange times her golden hoof begins to glow a bright gold. It starts throwing off sparks of strangely colored fire. If she touches anything with her gold hoof when it is sparking it becomes immediately consumed by the strange grey fire. She doesn't know yet how to control this or why it happens. It happens entirely on its own and she ends up having to hobble around on three feet or stand in running water. (Which she afraid of). The only thing she has noticed is that the glowing and sparking happens on a regular pattern. It happens at completely random times and she has just now been able to identify a strange tingling that runs through her leg before it begins to glow.~~~~ Her third ability is more of a curse to her, and she hates it. Astrona has a photographic memory. And she can remember things that happened when she was only a month old. These things include the awful few nights of the storm. Images of her mother and father leaving and the river flooding and the bodies of horses getting carried downstream never leave. She is often haunted with dreams or visions of that night during her everyday life that throw her into a fit of anger. It has come in handy several times but she hates it more than anything. ~~~~
A young panda marked ferret named Ozzie.
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About Astrona

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Gender: Female
Height: 16.3 hh
Played by: SilverRose

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