Lucent is a fairly large boy, standing at 18.1hh and being of a build similar to a Suffolk Punch or Percheron, though has quite defined features. He is an unusual gradient of colour, from a fiery orange and yellow starting at his nose where it fades from darker orange into a dark magenta, which fades into a rather light blue. Around his soft blue eyes as well as down his neck and back, becoming most concentrated around his rump and back legs are luminescent blue spots that glitter like starlight. His front hooves are bright light glowing sunlight whilst his back hooves are more like moonlight.

Sprouting from in front of his ears are bright blue antler-looking appendages; there is a short horn-shaped protrusion at the very front whilst the other part curves back behind his ear, though one piece branches back straight whilst the other part curves. From two parts of his shoulder on either side and meeting in the middle of his withers and down his back part-way is a flame of the same bright blue as his antlers, though his hair never catches on fire.

Growing from around his jawline are semi-prehensile appendages that hang just above chest-height, tipped in a small tuft of hair; these don't have any apparent purpose but he can move them at will. His mane is at all times appearing to defy gravity, and is of a dusty purple and blue shade; his long leonine tail is also this colour.

Lucent's personality can vary depending on whether or not Nezima, his twin sister, is around. If she's not, he's quite a normal guy, friendly enough and always up for just hanging out drinking with mates or just lazing around somewhere quiet. But, more often than not, Nezima is around and that leads to all sorts of trouble - usually of the arguing kind.

They are a very obvious example of what it's like to never grow out of the sibling rivalry phase. They are always finding things to pick on in regards to each other or each other's work, they both often have the 'whatever you can do, I can do better' attitude, and can be quite possessive of things the other does not have. But they adore each other to pieces and wouldn't ever let others come between them or harm the other. It is common to see them arguing over apparently petty things, and one or the other will bring up sarcastic comments of past events mid-conversation (even if it's a conversation with others) that usually results in the conversation diverting to their squabbling.

Lucent & his twin sister, Nezima, both came into being much in the same way that planets do. Over aeons, particles of space took form and, purely by chance or perhaps by the guidance of something else, two beings were created in the shape of equines. Beings of the very cosmos itself, these galactic beings are what may be most easily described as universal architects. They are of infinite life and command the very fabric of creation, and so they spend their time creating entire universes; how many they have created and how many have failed, is unknown.

However, during one of their more serious arguments that escalated into something that could be considered violent, one of their suns collapsed and caused such a catastrophic supernova that it created a black hole. This put a heavy strain on the twins as they were forced to watch aeons worth of their life and hard work be sucked into oblivion, and so they called a truce and decided that it was safest for them to find somewhere else to try again.

They never expected to encounter a universe with an already-thriving galaxy, however, as they had always been the creators of those that they knew of. Surprised and very intrigued, they decided to investigate this seemingly pre-made galaxy and its little ball teeming with life. How could they not?

Being a cosmic entity, Lucent is capable of amazing things. He can create entire universes and all that occupies it, and whilst he could create living beings as well, he prefers to simply give things a little nudge and let everything simply evolve naturally with little or limited interference. His own favourite part of this process is the creation of the planets themselves, the detail that goes into their initial construction as well as the overall solar system setup.

Now, he can also destroy entire universes, should he wish. This is not something he uses lightly nor has he ever used it on an actually-universal scale; rather, he has used it to destroy singular planets and the like, due to either not liking how one has turned out or if he's being an ass to his sister and is destroying something of hers for one reason or another. He would never use this on a planet that had developed sentient lifeforms.

Whilst visiting Liridon, Lucent really only uses his abilities on a very small scale, which typically involves throwing stardust on things or others which offers a brief zero-gravity experience.

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About Lucent

Lucent is twin brother to Nezima.

Gender: Male
Height: 18.1 hh
Played by: Emberling

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