Mizumi is a pleasantly soft myriad of blues, greens, pinks and purples; colours one would expect to see within the ocean. This comes as no surprise when one learns that this very being has been made by the infusion of magic into the water, thus giving the very water itself form. Mizumi stands at 14.3hh and resembles something of a Lipizzan. Mizumi's body is usually damp to the touch at all times and is of similar skin texture to that of a shark and dolphin; made of fine scales that are most obvious around face, neck and eyes, whilst the rest is more smooth.

Within their body swims usually two visible small fish of similar appearance to male betas, with the same colour scheme as the body itself; these fish are most notable in the more translucent parts of the body, like the barrel. Mizumi also has an anglerfish light and two slightly flexible horns between 3 sets of ears, a mass of mane that behaves much like seaweed underwater, as well as spikes down the top of the tail and a barb at the end.

In dull light or darkness, Mizumi emits a bioluminescent glow.

There is wonder to be found in everything, even what may be the most simple or mundane to another, and there is an eagerness and excitement to discover. Whilst Mizumi knows very little of the surface world, there is enough basic knowledge to understand how some things work. However, there is somewhat of a language barrier.

Water does not speak, and yet this creature now has its own voice. Water does not hear, and yet this creature now has its own ears.

Mizumi understands the words of others, to a point. It can take some time for their meanings to become apparent, however, so often there is a delay in acknowledgement or response; this is not intentional ignorance, though some may see it as such.

Due to both appearance and often sound of voice, it is not uncommon for Mizumi to be referred to as female/she/her; there is no preference, as the mind does not entirely comprehend what it means, and so there is no disdain or possibilities of offence being taken should specific choices for reference be made by others.

Mizumi was not born, but created - created out of water; but not just by anyone. This creature of water was given life by none other than a God of Fire. Curious, isn't it? What made Helios, the brother of the three sibling Gods of Eternal, want to create life instead of destroying it? This information remains unknown to Mizumi.

This body was created when Helios' magic infused with the water at his shrine; it seems likely that it was at this contact that the magic sparked something with the microorganisms within the water, and a body inspired by both his own physical presence mixed with the mysteries of the ocean, came to form. Little was exchanged between the two before Mizumi left the shrine, following the water wherever it went.

In this strange place there were strange creatures, and yet there was one in particular who was both unknown and known to her. A creature of both land and sea: a Kraken. Mizumi liked this one. But their time was brief and Mizumi returned to the waters, disappearing like melting ice back into the depths. For how long is unknown, for the water does not measure time, but the form will be created again by its own will and return to explore new places soon enough.

Being a creature made out of water, it is no surprise that Mizumi has the ability to both manipulate it, and mimic it. Asides from this, Mizumi can also manipulate light to a certain degree.

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About Mizumi

Kagayaku Mizumi means Shining Lake

Gender: Non-Binary
Height: 14.3 hh
Played by: Emberling

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