Khaa has the very defined structure of the Egyptian Arabian, with the arched neck and defined face, lithe but strong and durable body, and he comes to stand at 17.1hh. His coat is mostly a light brown (not quiet palomino though), with a warm darker brown fading up each of his legs as well as over his face; there is also some small spots of this colour on his neck, barrel, and rump. His mane is rather long, coming down near his knees, but is kept cut rather neat and straight, and fades from a soft caramel colour into flaxen. His leonine tail, once entirely covered in long luxurious hair the same colour gradient as his mane, is now tightly wrapped in bandages made to look like braided hair so as to hide the fact it has been mummified.

He has gold tattoo-like markings over his body; two large stripes and dots below the lower strip on his back legs, three stripes on his front legs that go from thin to thick as they go down, also with spots below the lower stripe, and three stripes around the top of his neck with spots below the last one. On his face, around his jaw and going up the front of his cheek on both sides are more gold tattoos that go up to his bright ruby red eyes and act like fancy eyeliner with the way it spikes out; there are also small teardrop-shaped markings along his face that almost could be interpreted as teeth.

He also has 2 sets of ears, two normal-sized ones that sit a little more to the sides, almost like an antelope, with two larger ones in the middle that have markings on them; these larger ears each have two gold stud earrings in them, whilst the smaller two ears have large gold disc earrings hanging from them; all four are edged in gold. Khaa also has a short horn, similar to a rhino's, protruding from his forehead, and a set of impala antlers curving out from behind his ears; atop of these antlers hovers a large gold disc, apparently held there by magic.

Khaa typically wears a gold chest piece decorated in rubies and dark animal fur, attached to which is a large ruby set in a wing-shaped design also made of gold; from each wing, there is a short piece of white silk, and attached to the bottom of the piece is a long sheet of white silk that he can use as a blanket or coat.

Khaa is a relaxed and gentle soul who enjoys most types of pleasant company, even if he is rather quiet. He is still fairly devout to both Ra and Ma'at, but this is all on a personal level that he does not feel the need to open up to others about. That said, due to his time spent as a priest to Ma'at, he is the type to follow the law and is disgusted when others do not, and he has a particular hatred for senseless violence and war.

Due to his feminine look, he is often hit on by others who are, usually, rather surprised when hearing his unexpectedly deep voice. He has always been somewhat of a ladies man, but that is because he truly wishes to see them well and cared for; affections are merely a pleasant side benefit.

Khaa came from a miraculous city of giant pyramids and fantastic rivers dotted with oasis-like jungles and farmlands. Here, the Gods were real and physically lived amongst their subjects in their designated patron temples, distinguishable by their immense size difference, as they towered above all others. He was in service to the Goddess of Truth & Justice, Ma'at, when a young black filly was found on the steps of their temple poisoned by scorpions. With the aid of the Scorpion Goddess Serqet, they brought the child back to health but she had been altered in the process; she now had a scorpion's tail and the ability to heal or poison. Khaa took it upon himself to help the child, unofficially adopting her as his sister, Akoren Iseret Bakari, who later became a priestess to Serqet.

The place they came from was never truly peaceful but did know it's share of calm and quiet, especially within and around Ma'at's temple, as it is her feather that is used with Anubis' scales that judge the heart. But something like that doesn't matter as much to a God of power and destruction like Set, who, in one of his famous bouts of fury, swept through their homeland in blazes of fire and death. It was during this event that, whilst trying to ensure Ma'at's safety, Khaa's tail was scorched beyond healing. After it was mummified in a brief moment of quiet when they were able to hide within Ma'at's pyramid, the Goddess bade Khaa farewell as she sent him through a portal to find safety elsewhere, far away from Set. Maybe, one day, when he was able to return, things would be calm again.

He has no knowledge of where his sister is, nor how he would find his way back to their homeland, but he has faith in Ma'at and in Ra that he will one day return; for now, he simply roams the strange places of the world in search of somewhere to settle for a time.

Khaa has a fairly adept grasp over the abilities to control light (usually in a solar form but not limited to), fire, and sand.

Sati is a young Caracal that Khaa found in a desert cave and, after offering his assistance, she refused to leave him. She is a rather typical cat, usually only having one of two moods: hyper or sleeping. However, she will become defensive when required, though she is not a fighter and prefers Khaa to handle his own battles; not so say she may not land a swipe of her claws in if she feels the need.

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About Khaa

Khaa comes from a land inspired by Gods of Egypt

Gender: Male
Height: 17.1 hh
Played by: Emberling

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