Valda is long legged and elegant, a trait that she inherited from her father, with a slightly dished face and petite features, her arabian heritage is obvious. He mane is thick and lushious, her tail however is cropped and does not flow as fully as it once did. Valda is bay with darker legs and muzzle, and white markings on her face. She has darker spots on her rump, belly and neck, and lighter tan spots on the crest of her neck near the base of her mane and under her eyes, which are molten gold. She has two twisted horns situated behind her ears, both of which are wrapped by metal bands, and from one of the metal bands are golden linked chains that link to her nose. The same metal bands are wrapped around both legs and between these bands the same golden chain, as well as red silk. The same red silk and golden chains sit at the base of her tail and wrap around the top. Valda's mane and tail are a more muted brown than her body, with streaks of white.

Vain. Valda can be quite proud - she comes from two impressive lines, both royalty, and sometimes this reflects in the way she approaches others. Its no secret that Valda thinks highly of herself. This doesn't stop her from thinking highly of others though - she simply believes in her own capabilities, and likes to put in the effort to back it up. She can be sharp tongued, smart and witty at times, she isn't afraid to tell things like it is. But she is not cruel - not without reason.

Sisterhood. Something that was drummed into Valda from an early age by her amazonian mother. Valda loves the desert and the Donietas with all her heart, much like Aine did, and therefore would do anything for them. This feeling extends beyond the herd itself - Valda will always support her fellow sisters when they need it. She does not hate men; but will always stand against injustice towards other females. She believes that they must stick together. This means that Valda can be incredibly loyal, and stubborn, when she believes someone has been wrong she will fight for them.

Ambitious. Both in a good and a bad way. Valda likes to do her best and prove her worth, and when she sets her sights on a high goal she will follow it. But she also has ambitions for her land and people. It is a selfish ambition but also a selfless one.

Valda was born to the former queen of the Donietas, Aine, although she was not born in the desert land itself. She was born in the land of her father, another desert king of another desert land - who at this time is unimportant. Aine moved Valda back to her homeland as soon as Valda was old enough to make the journey and instilled a deep loyalty into her daughter. Valda came to love the desert kingdom and the lifestyle it represented, and even the gods that patroned it, making her a big supported of Pyrrus and Alia.

Although Valda did not stay in Liridon all her life she always kept the land she loved in her mind. She has been a leader, and a lover, and now returns to the place her mother had valued so much, intent on helping the Donietas become the stronghold they once were.

Metal Manipulation -Pretty obvious, she can manipulate metals, even in their purest natural form - cannot move large objects and has to be standing within a reasonable distance from the object in order to control it.

Mind-power Negation - Mind powers do not work on Valda, and if she is touching someone she can block any mind powers being used on them. When she is mentally or physically exhausted she is more susceptible to mind powers than usual - someone might be able to 'slip through the cracks' so to speak.

Weather Manipulation - Valda can control the weather. She can control existing weather and create weather from scratch.

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About Valda

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Gender: Female
Height: 17 hh
Played by: Collie

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