Meissa is the colour of the shifting sky, a mottled mixture of blues and purples, glowing lighter on her belly neck and legs and speckled with starlight. Her hooves glow with blue star dust and her mane and tail shift the same way her body does, starting dark and ending lighter blue. She has two curved horns on her head and wrapped around one is a single thread of celestial string. She glows bright and ethereal during the night, but her appearance is duller during the day.

Meissa is naive, despite having watch so much from the sky above, and being hundreds of years old. Each new thing brings her great joy, and meeting each person makes her happier than she thought she could possibly be. Meissa is sweet, kind, and does not like conflict. She can, on occasion be gullible, but angry when she is tricked. She is devoted to Sol, the true god of Liridon and therefore to his creations in the elementals, especially Abaddon and Alia, the dark and the light.

Meissa was formed from space dust and stars, she isn't even sure how she came to be. One moment she watched the world from up above and the next she walked among its people. She vaguely remembers crashing to earth but not much more than that. She awoke in Liridon.

Omniscience, sometimes Meissa just knows things, memories come flooding to her, names, ideas and feelings. Mostly when she touches someone but sometimes just by being near them. Astral Projection, she can project her aura over a distance but her body does not move. Black Hole Manipulation. Cosmic Awareness.

Tauri, a cosmic mouse, that clings to Meissa's mane and rides atop her head. He is the colour of a red and purple cosmos at night, but a soft purple during the day, with an extra long tail and large ears, his eyes are made of starlight and sparkle.
Side Image by TheIceViking on DeviantArt Square Image by The Tragedy Gallery on DeviantArt

About Meissa

Don't ask us, they haven't told us anything >.>

Gender: Female
Height: 14.2 hh
Played by: Collie

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