Built like her mother, very sleek and slim, she will grow to be just slightly shorter than her mother at 14.1. Delicate, taking heavily after her Arabian heritage, with a dished face, rather large, satellite dish eyes that always make her look curious about the world. Arched neck and medium length mane and tail. Her blue roan coat is quite lovely, accented with dark patches of ebony on her face, legs, and her mane and tail. She has long legs that add to a graceful movement. Her eyes are silver with specks of star dust within them.
Orani has always been steadfast and thoughtful. Her inquisitive nature only led to a stronger longing to see the world, her mother’s wanderlust embedded deep in her veins. When she had been a foal, Orani had lived in her own dream world most of the time, and this has carried over into her adult years. There had been a time when she had wanted to follow in her father’s footsteps and become a scholar and astronomer (she absolutely loves the stars and all they represent.) But after he disappeared and her mother became depressed, Orani has wished to pursue her own path. She has trouble taking into account her parents’ feelings and wishes. Orani’s own determination sometimes gets in the way of her relationships. Orani adores the affections and love of others, and often pushes herself harder on those who seem to push her away. She knows everyone has a heart, and this incredible ignorance has led her astray before.
Orani was born on a night when the sky was full of stars. She was born to a dreamer and to a scholar. A man who could manipulate darkness, and the woman who spoke to stars and controlled them at will. It seemed only fitting then that to complete their family and their night sky, they would name their child with a something that means moon: Orani. And what a little moon baby she was. Orani was bright and happy, and wished to shine a light on all who encountered her. She inherited her father’s inquisitiveness, combined with her mother’s exploring heart and Orani was a child that hardly ever sat still. She was ever to discover new places and to meet new friends. Orani has and always will be someone who cherishes her friendships above all else. Orani learned quickly about her affinity to wander through the dreams of others, unable to be seen by them, she was nothing more than a bystander in their nightly slumbers. She also learned she shared her mother’s gift of communicating with stars. Unlike her mother though, she could not control them, whatever they wished to tell her is entirely up to them to decide. This desire to wander is what led her to Murmuring Rivers. Early one morning, when a few stars were still lingering in the sky, Orani had come across the land and two of its residents: Jay and Lilliana. The meeting had been brief, but the mark of friendship had been left on all of them. Orani had no clue just how soon she would be returning to Murmuring Rivers. Her father left she and her mother when Orani was still very young. He had returned to his Citadel, promising to return home, but still, his departure had stung his daughter, and her ability to rely on her father dwindled. She became the sole company of her mother, as a result, Orani was something akin to a crutch, Keav needed Orani more than Orani needed her mother. Then a day came that Orani woke up in Murmuring Rivers, with no memory of how she got there. Just a giant bump on her head and jagged injuries that would become scars across her body. She was found by Jay and Lilli, who took care of her until help was received. Her mother eventually found her, But Orani required daily healing sessions from the herd’s healer and would be unable to make the journey back home to their mountains. So Orani thrived in Murmuring Rivers and moved with the herd to Paraiso. She steadily gained strength, her ties with Lilli grew stronger, and her friendship with Jay deepened into something real and beautiful. But that winter, her mother returned and Orani left Paraiso behind. One day, as her mother and she were gazing out across the ocean into infinity, the stars had told them that he had returned. Sure enough, standing there in all his glory, was Arawn, Orani’s father. Faith was restored and Orani felt a little less broken, but not entirely mended. The reunion between mother and father resulted in Orani’s little brother Feyn. Oh how she adored him. His dark body, those big blue eyes so much like their parents’. He was perfection in every sense of the word, he was everything Orani was not, and that made him entirely beautiful. But, just as Orani had once more settled back into her life with her family, her father left again, without a word, taking Feyn with him. And a few weeks later, Orani left too. She left behind her mother when she needed her most, left her behind and tried with all her best not to look back. She would go to Paraiso, to Jay, but as she arrived, Paraiso was gone, and her jay bird had left her behind just as so many had done before. Orani tried her best to look forward, and this is when she met Cern and her entire life changed forever. She was attracted to the danger he gave off, she knew this would hurt her, that he could quite possibly kill her, and still Orani had not been able to turn away. Her constant desire to return to him, to feel that rush of danger, resulted in her son, Jacob. Jacob, the perfect son, Orani’s entire world, the one good thing to come out of all that trauma, those lies, deceit. And it was in that moment that Orani had turned away from Cern and swore that she would never go back. Going back could mean not only her death, but her son’s. She took comfort in the quiet company of Tarian, Lilli’s nephew, who Orani had always looked to as a stoic creature, but many emotions bristled beneath his skin. He fascinates Orani for all the wrong reasons, but she thinks, if she stays around long enough, she just might be able to find the right ones.
Orani is able to enter people’s dreams and stay there as long as she likes. This ability is not affected by distance either, but the subject must be asleep for it to work. Orani cannot manipulate dreams that she enters and cannot let them enter her own. When she does enter the dreams of others, her body stays behind and she is left vulnerable. Orani can communicate with the stars. They can tell her about things throughout time, past, present, future. She can only use this ability when the stars are out (sun does not count.) When communicating with the stars, Orani never gets the full story, only snippets of information that she must try to figure out or piece together.
Hummingbird companion. She has stardust covering her feathers. Her name is Lilly, after one of Orani’s best friends. Her companion contains no powers of her own.

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Gender: Mare
Height: 14.1 hh
Played by: Sam

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