5'2 dirty blonde girl with blue eyes and has a strong love for red lips.
I can be shy, so right off the bat you won't know me very well. However, once I feel a bit more welcomed I can be pretty spunky, and I have a weakness for puns. I think in all my years of roleplaying, I've only ever made one person upset unintentionally, and I'm not ashamed of that. I know not everyone will like me, but that doesn't stop me from trying to be there for others! If you ever need someone to talk to, I'm more than welcome to a message here or on discord! My name on Discord is DidTheTango#4422
I started roleplaying as a child. I discovered a roleplaying forum on a popular kids' site I was on and met a good friend of mine from there. She and I did 1x1 roleplays up till we started high school, and in high school I moved on to more advanced sites such as Myth. Myth was a Fantasy Wolf RP that I fell in love with. My best friend and I joined the site together and had character that we created. She found a love of art and decided to become an animator as an adult. From there I was on several Wolf RPs, but Char-Boo held a raffle for some designs on a site I happen to check back in on and I won the design for my first equine character, Malphas. To win him, I had to create a backsory for him and I was so in love with this character I had created and the design Char-Boo made, that I immediately went to find a site for him. Not a lot of people accepted him because of his design, but I came across a freshly opened site called Look to the Stars that welcomed him with open arms. I roleplayed there exclusively. I became one of the first staff members and Malphas had made such an impact on the site that future members went back to read his threads even after he left to find his long lost family. That community still lives strong today, so I won't be surprised if I see a few familiar faces here. Malphas is a hard to miss type of character, so I'm sure there are some players I know that came here to just make sure "Tatangi" is "Asyn" from LTTS. After LTTS closed, I was hunted down by a good friend, Camy, and added to the discord that was created after I had to leave the site. I reconnected, and was able to further develop Malphas into what he is today. Since then, I've been trying to find a site that would accept him as he is, without design or history changes. I finally managed to get dream art from one of my favorite artists, Nikkayla. She inspired me so much more to go on the hunt for a site for Malphas to be on, and when she announced Liridon and how welcoming it would be for characters like him, I was excited! I watched for every moment I could to get on this site, and here I am! I can't wait to start this journey with all of you, and thank you Camy and Nikkayla for bringing me back to the community I've missed so much! <3

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Image Credits, I took those images. You can see them on my DA (link in the website URL area) and the smaller avatar is what my current Discord profile pic is for easy finding, no matter the name.

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I also go by the name Asyn, but most people from DA know me as Tatangi.

Gender: Female
Height: 5'2 hh
Played by: Tatangi

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