- Yellow-gold snake eyes
- 14.3 hands tall
- Covered in scales, has no hair
- Small, compact build
- Long snake-like tail
- Brown in colour, with dark-brown points on legs

Namtar is a small boned, compact creature. She has a dishes face and small, pointed ears. Her body is entirely covered in scales, and there is not a single hair on her. Her eyes are yellow-gold in colour, with slitted pupils like that of a snake, meaning that the whites of her eyes are barely visible. She has a long, serpentine tail that has more mobility and flex than a typical horse-tail, and is often used as a rudder for balance and for displaying her emotions. Namtar is short, at 14.3 hands tall, and is a warm brown colour with darker points at her legs and muzzle, much like a seal-brown colour.
- Grumpy, quick to anger
- Stubborn, set in her ways
- Impossibly loyal to her friends and companions
- Prefers to settle conflicts with physical combat
- Religious; worships the sun

Namtar is a fiery soul, and more often than not is armed with insults and rude quips. Even with her friends, though she is loyal to them and makes sure they know it, she is always quick to berate them and put them in their place. Because of her aggressive nature, she is a warrior in spirit, and always wishes to be the first one to bloody the battlefield. She does not operate well with others, but is always thankful for a hand when war is afoot. Namtar is not a natural leader, and prefers to be alone, but is always seeking her long standing friends, and will be quick to anger if she is unable to find them. Namtar is also terrible devout, and is a strong worshipper of the sun. She basks in it’s warmth, and can often be found lazing about in the sunshine. Namtar firmly believes that any sandy desert belongs to her, and will often carve out her only spot in a place and will stay there for as long as she can.
Namtar had been born into a herd of nomads in the middle of a desert, in the middle of the wet season. Life had been prosperous, and the hunters of her herd- all women- had managed to move them from place to place, finding ample food and water in the form of oases.

Her mother, a capable and hard woman, was a huntress of particular skill. She moved alone, and she wandered the farthest and the longest of all the others. She alone stumbled across Namtar’s father that resulted in her conception. Ninsar, her mother, was a lean and athletic woman, beautiful in her own right, and her father, Ushar, had been a straggler, a loner. They had met at the edge of an oasis for one brief night, and that was it.

Ushar existed to Namtar only as stories after that night.

When Namtar was born, the skies split wide open, and the rain stopped. She was a monster, her otherwise small and fragile body riddled with dark scales, unlike the smooth, black hair of her mother, and the ruby red fur of her father. She looked nothing like the others- she was a curse upon their ilk. The elders pleaded with Ninsar to murder the child, to do away with the curse and save them from a lifetime of starvation and thirst. She did not listen, instead she stole away with her leather skinned child in the dead of the night, and together they wandered the sands.

Namtar grew to be strong like her mother, and as lonesome as her father. Soon she outgrew her mother’s aide, and Ninsar abandoned her. This did not hurt Namtar, in fact, she was flattered with her mother’s belief in her, and knew that the dark woman would have returned to her homeland. This left the snake-skinned woman to wander the sands on her own.
- Is stronger after being in the sun, can life without food as long as she gets enough sun
- Intensity of powers reliant on 'charging' in the sun
- Cold can make her sluggish, or initiate a hibernation

- Generation and control of fire
- Fireproof- takes significantly decreased damage from fire
- Creatione of fireballs and sparks (can range from having no heat, harmless to others, to white-hot)

- Can move and control sand like waves
- Can combine powers to create glass/stones
- Mild telekinetic control of sand (some small stones)

- Can react quicker than average
- Not applicable if it is too cold or if Namtar did not spend enough time in the sun
- Does not result in being able to move faster
- Does not result in heightened strength
Shahiit, or as Namtar affectionately calls him, Shii - a lengthy (approximately 8ft in length) black egyptian cobra of relatively large size. He often accompanies Namtar, when he is not wandering the sands in search of food or hot rocks to lie on. With Namtar he has a link, a bond that transcends words. Shahiit is venomous and has lightning-quick reflexes. When intimidated, he can flatten his neck into a fabulous frill, and dances from side to side whilst his of total blackness can stare unblinkingly at his aggressor. Shahiit can spit venom that can cause blindness, and his bit causes paralysis. Normally, Shahiit is calm and collected, and will rarely strike out against others unless commanded to do so.
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