Liridon will be rated to persons 18 and over. Any threads containing graphic content including excessive swearing should be marked appropriately. Extreme violence is allowed, but if you are worried about someone else reading you may put a warning on your thread title. This includes having content that may upset another user, so if you are at all worried, just put an appropriate warning on it.

If you are found to be under the age of 18 you will be banned without warning.

Power-playing and god-modding are not permitted unless permission is given by players.

There are to be no scenes of explicit adult content. This includes the use of illegal drugs. There are some illicit substances in Liridon that can be used recreationally but these must be fictional.

The use of non-consensual sex is prohibited, and there is to be absolutely no mature content involving minors. Violating any of these will result in immediate banning.

There is no word limit when posting.

Bullying and harassment of any form is not tolerated. If someone has made you feel uncomfortable, please contact a staff member. Liridon has, in general, a three strike policy, if you strike three you’re out and will be banned from the site. However, this policy is flexible depending upon the situation, and if the offence is serious in nature, there will be no strikes and banishment will occur.

All sales of designs, art, et cetera, are to be done off Liridon. You can link to sales on in the Advertise section of the Discord chat. Liridon is a one account per character rpg and each character must have their own profile - there is an account switcher to use.

There is no limit to the number of characters.

All graphics used must be credited. Images from television shows/games/other popular media must be credited to that show and have a disclaimer. No other image can be used on Liridon unless it has a Creative Commons license on it. No images with credit to Tumblr/Pinterest/Google will be allowed.

Graphic regulations for sizes of images, etc, are attached to their appropriate fields in avatar uploading & editing profile.

To reiterate, if you have a thread that contains sexual content, minor drug use or strong violence, these threads must be marked with |M|. If you are concerned in any way your thread might be a trigger for someone, mark it appropriately. If you come across a thread that you find is a breach of the rules of Liridon, please report it to the staff.

If you are away, please post in our absences forum so staff and players are aware. Your characters will be safe from battles and stealing, provided you post here.

No activity checks as there is no need for them. Only Kingdom leaders will be monitored, nothing else. Ended threads & dead threads will be archived after 1 month of nothing moving.