You may steal other characters from other kingdoms. Nomads can also be stolen provided they live in a kingdom, without declaring it. Nomads who live in herds can also be stolen from.

Steals are posted in the Conflict forum using the prefix [STEAL]. Steals without this prefix are not valid.

Steals must include 2 clues for the person you are stealing and 2 clues of the kingdom you are stealing from. Clues must be strong and tied to that character and their kingdom. Details can be anything about that character you are stealing, specific to them. You can change words up, using a thesaurus, try to fool people. Clues can be synonyms, metaphors, etc but they must pertain to the character and to the kingdom.

Clues cannot be in any kind of code.

You must wait one week between steals, whether they are successful or not.

You are allowed to have three guesses for each steal. Only leaders/higher-ups of kingdoms are allowed to block steals.

Characters that have been stolen may only be stolen back/challenged for after two weeks from their first post in the captor's lands.