Liridon allows for breeding to occur during the warmer seasons. If character try outside this, they are subject to defects ranging from small to crippling, worse during the winter.

Abilities are able to be passed to the next generation, though these are determined by a dice roll. Each ability a character has a 1 in 5 chance of being passed to the next generation.

There is to be no graphic breeding.

There are two ways to get foal stats on Liridon; one is to have a foal design ready and just ask for a birth date, roll for gender & defects if in winter/autumn. The other is for a staff member to combine the parents and create a child entirely, taking characteristics from both parents.

You can choose if you want to want or have instant birth too.

Characters must be adults (18 years) to reproduce. There is no question about this.

Foal aging is done at the player's discretion.

A foal can have more than two parents (or just one) on Liridon. However, to have one child requires the blessing of an Elemental.

The breeding form must be followed. It will ask for both parents profiles, a link to their thread and any requests for specific traits if you are going about it by staff choice. You may also request for specific defects if they are given out.

There will be no penalty for missing the due date - just post when you can, and not before!

Foals must be joined prior to their birth like a character would be. However, the only appearance is required for foals - personality and history are not needed. You can include personality if you like, but it isn't something that is required!