Kingdoms & Herds
There are 3 primary kingdoms - the Ilirs, the Dalmats and the Donietas. They each encompass a part of Liridon and their values used to be strict but since the return of life, they are open to interpretation of the new world. For information on what they used to be, see the Lore section.

Leadership of these clans is won by audition or fighting. Every clan does not have a monarchy - they are a democracy, but can be won by fighting for the lead position. Leaders are free to create their own titles and structure their hierarchy as they see fit.

To challenge for a leadership position, a figure must have a minimum of four followers and these must be gained by in character events.

When challenging, it must happen in that kingdom before everyone. The fight will take place there, but must be posted on the ‘Conflict’ forum.

They will follow the same rules as a battle post, and adhere to it all the same.

All leaders may have their own ranking system as well as laws about what positions are open, what positions can be claimed and what can be challenged for. These are subject to change if a new leader takes control. The leader(s) are the ones who may lay out how followers can rank up in the clan.

Kingdom leaders must post at least twice every two weeks. If you are in a leadership position and will be away, please appoint a regent to rule while you are away! Regents do not need followers.

If a leader has not posted in a month, that clan will be open for auditions for leadership and any figure may enter. Only challenging requires followers.

If a player is away at the time a challenge is issued, then that challenge will be void. If a player has not returned from their away return date by one week (or if they have none, 3 weeks after the first challenge issued) then they may be challenged again.

Leader(s) may have two extra subforums attached to their kingdoms. You can decide these and post in the thread for subforum updates in the services area. You will need to supply an appropriate image (Must follow image crediting rules).


Any group may form a herd. Those living in herds, when they have enough, may apply for a subforum to be added to one of the lands for all. No kingdoms can be touched by herds. To apply for a herd subforum, you will need 5 in it and will need an image & description & name of the area, and it must be posted to the appropriate thread in the services forum.

Herd lands cannot be challenged for.

Activity requirements are the same as for kingdoms. If a herd disappears, or disbands, their subforum will be removed.

If you are a kingdom leader, you cannot claim a herd.