Character Creation
Liridon encourages the player to join whoever they like, provided it has some resemblance to an equine, hippocampus included. If you aren’t sure about it, please ask in the help channel on the Discord!

Characters can be joined with their full powers, items, anything they like including companion(s). If you aren’t sure about this, please ask in the help channel on the Discord.

You will have to wait to be accepted before posting anywhere else.

If you join and would like to change your appearance afterwards, you may do so if you have not yet posted. If you have posted, you’ll need to find an Elemental and ask for assistance.

There is no height limit.

Characters here may be immortal or ageless, no special items needed.

Characters are considered to be of ‘yearling’ age from 1-8, 8-12 are children, 13-18 are teenage years. When they are 18, they are considered young adults (the equivalent of an 18-year-old human). Using human years is easier to ensure that we have a safe environment for everyone.

There is no restriction on breeds here. If you are using a closed species breed, we will check you have permission before acceptance so please keep that in mind.

Your character will need to have an appearance, personality and history flesh out to 50 words minimum each (foals bred on-site only need appearance, history and personality are not needed on joining but should be filled out when possible after being born!)

When filling out Magic & Abilities, please write at least 1 sentence. Characters are allowed to have whatever magic they desire and use it however they like. There are no limits or levels. (You can also opt to quest via an elemental).

Characters can be Wanderers or be part of a Kingdom on joining, player’s choice.

As characters can have any appearance, this leads to some characters having elements that can harm others. This site will allow these elements such as flaming manes, venomous bites, poisonous skins, etc, to actually be able to affect others but will at all times be minimal, as it is passive abilities. We only ask that you never use them against another player without permission.

All characters have a basic level of telekinesis in Liridon so they can move most things around and wear items and such.