Quests & Companions
Characters can get quests from players with Elementals or via the NPC Events. They can take place anywhere and you can gain from them whatever you wish! And these quests and events can be dice rolled, choices, etc. It is up to the players to create their own rules and have their own fun! And you can always ask another player to help out too if you need a third party!

There will also be Quests randomly posted by Elementals at times. These are up to the discretion of the player of the Elemental.

Quests will be given an arbitrary time limit by that Elemental upon asking.

If a character fails a quest, they cannot take on another for 5 days.

Players can ask for a specific reward, or they can ask for random. They can also ask for Elemental favours, though that Elemental may choose to be a trickster in the end as well.

A player may decide upon the favour they are asking, and it can range from anything, but no killing without permission and site-wide events without ensuring that more are on board!

Groups may come and ask for quests, their quests will be longer, harder but have bigger rewards.

From time to time, Gods will offer special quests in the Valley.

If you seek Elemental powers and you joined without one, you must ask the god who controls that element; the others cannot give out elemental powers that do not belong to them.


Any kind of companion is welcome! There are no height or size restrictions on companions. There are no companion restrictions, other than colossal ones being unable to be used in fights for kingdoms/characters.

You can join companions with you, or you can quest for them once inside the world of Liridon. Elementals will help, but you can also ask for an NPC thread or quest with a fellow member.

Companions are not limited in size, however, behemoth companions cannot be used in battles.

Companions that are a similar size & smaller may be used for one attack during fights.

You are allowed 2 companions per character, however, only 1 can ever be used in battles & you must state in your profile which one that will be.

If you would like a companion for your character's upcoming children, make sure to request this when gaining stats for the child/ren!