History of Liridon
It was a myth, a legend that such a land could exist. It didn't seem possible, rising into existence and defying all knowledge. At first, it was empty, there was no life, no death, no destruction - only beauty. But Sol, the sun and the moon, a being that was indefinable but always present, grew tired of the silence. So with one might breathe, Sol gave life to the elements: to Pyrrus, the fire. To Kaze, the wind. To Enki, the earth. And finally to Ceibhfhionn, the water. These four gods filled the land with their element, the water, the earth, the fire and the wind. And then, slowly but surely, creatures came to Liridon. These were not just normal horses, but the bizarre and the wonderful. Odd-looking, with even stranger powers. And no limitations.

Liridon was the only place in the world that can hold such a diverse culture, and even within its endless boundaries, there is conflict. Between the Leotrim's, who strive to cause chaos and such a brute force that had stretched out arms to every kingdom, and the United Kingdom forces. Dalmat, who followed traditional views and held traditional rituals, they were male-dominated and under their king stood strong. Qendrim, the shapeshifters, once the outcasts of Liridon, were emerging as one of the dominant kingdoms. The Donietas, all-female and strong, and the Kushtims, all-male and testosterone. Last of all, Ilir, those of democracy and modern thinking, electing their leaders and forming their government.

Then came the flood.

Ceibhfhionn spread her power across the world and the waters that once gave life now only destroyed it. There were casualties, and many of the kingdoms remained underwater for a long period. This strained the alliances and broke bonds between the kingdoms. The Dalmats and the Ilirs, two kingdoms that have not seen eye to eye but have never been at war with one another, found themselves in a strange predicament. The Ilir King, Michael, was stolen by an unknown Dalmat. It took months of stealing and fighting to win the king back, and even once he had been returned the two kingdoms had been divided.

The controversy between them has begun to stretch not only between the kingdoms but into the homeless meadows. From this rubble of chaos emerges Elian, a land that strives to make no friends or enemies and stay ever peaceful. Liridon became restless. The elements were raging, though none had yet lashed out since the water had flooded the world. With an angry burst of flame and fire, the fire god Pyrrus struck out across the world and set it afire. Flames roared and burnt everything in sight, destroying one kingdom in the progress. The inhabitants will survive but the land has changed. The leadership of the Donietas passed from its first queen, Aislia, to Vlyx and with the new queen's reign came a change. The Donietas allied themselves with the Dalmats, and hand in hand the two kingdoms wiped out the chaotic group of the Leotrims.

With the settling of the world and peace reigning, the dark shadow had plunged a knife from the underworld into the heart of Liridon. The Voyd, the keeper of the dead, had been growing restless. He had looked out across the lands, and he hated the Elementals and their followers, hated how they revelled in the light. He had seen the raid that the Dalmats and Donietas had done upon the Leotrims, and he had seen the Leotrims fall. It was in one breath, the shadow being lashed out and gripped Liridon in tendrils of darkness. The light vanished from the sky. Creatures of this world would now become reliant on learning to see in darker light better.

This was not the only destruction the Voyd caused. With one mighty gesture, he wiped Elian and Leotrim from the world. Darkness swallowed them and they were pulled into the gaping chasm, shadows feasting upon the once fertile, lovely lands.

It was with this lash of the Voyd that the Elementals now began to offer true protection, and power, to the kingdoms. Each of the remaining equine lands is now guarded by two elementals, and they brought stability and stopped Liridon from suffering without light. They offer equines help, and they will assist them in rebuilding their land. Enki, who felt the suffering of the world more than the rest of his siblings, was weakened, and the Voyd took the opportunity to strike a blow on the united creatures of Liridon. He killed Enki, leaving his remains in the meadow, and in the place where Enki's body once lay there is a mighty willow tree.

However, the Elementals have devised a plan and they have set it into motion, blessing a child with all their strength combined; he who was raised in Ilir under King Entia and his council and strong members, who trained him and taught him to fight. The child grew into a young adult fast, and he was terrified of what was coming. Using Solis, the child who had been blessed with by each god, including the touch of Sol. The kingdoms rallied together and united as one invaded the Jehonas and fought the shadow. This fight was going well until the Voyd emerged and ripped Solis apart. Their hope was killed, but the light of Solis flooded the nine closest and together they focused and severed the Voyd’s connection to Liridon. The darkness was vanquished, the grip of shadow gone and the Voyd sent back to his original state, as the Keeper of the Dead and the Bridge to the Underworld, where he remains and is as full of hate and vehemence as he once was.

And yet born from peace, Sol ruptured Liridon - the moon and sun corrupted their children and sent out a shockwave that made the great volcano, Zyanya, to erupt and engulf Liridon in the fire. All living inhabitants had fled, and it was thought Liridon had been destroyed and abandoned by the Gods. Yet the remain, but not one of those who have returned now, are aware of the fact that the Gods are still here. Their mountain is gone, sunken into a deep valley - and Liridon is once again open to all. The kingdoms are broken, the land changed after being left alone for so long. Everything is wild and untamed - and waiting. The Elementals lurk but they are not as they once were - and the world of Liridon awaits those who seek a place in life…