A fight may take part in any place on Liridon but they must be posted on the forum called 'Conflict' in order for them to be judged. If you are just having a mock fight, this is exempt.

Judgment for a fight can be done by staff or by a coin flip.

The challenger may set the parameters of the fight, such as where, when and how. The challenged can try to negotiate as well, but if there is no agreement staff will step in and settle the dispute.

Challenging for kingdom leadership can only be done if that character has three or four followers gained in character. If the challenger for a kingdom leadership loses, they have to wait another two weeks to challenge again.

The standard time limit between battle posts is 72 hours. If you wish to set your own time limits, please feel free to do so but nothing below 72 hours unless both agree upon it.

The battle posts must be the following;
First post; challenger attacks
Second post; challenged defends, and attacks
Third post; challenger defends and attacks
Fourth post; challenged defends and attacks
Fifth post; challenger defends.

Judgment for these fights will be done based on the rubric in the battle forum, the criteria being Creativity, Execution and Plausibility for Attacks, Execution and Plausibility for Defense and Use/Acknowledgment of Environment. This rubric was made to attempt to minimise personal opinion on "realism". If no staff is unbiased, guest judges will be called in. The following is judgment criteria;


Creativity: 0/5
Execution: 0/5
Plausibility: 0/5


Execution: 0/5
Damage Taken: 0/5

Use/Acknowledgment of Environment: 0/5

Total: (0/15)

In regards to judgment, there is to be no referring to how a horse is "supposed" to move. It should be whether it is realistic to that character or not. For example, horses are frequently horned and use them for writing but a horse's internal structure is not evolved for this kind of fighting. This isn't a part of judgment here. If a character does something along the lines of defying physics (without an abillity to allow them to do so) then it is unrealistic to that character. This includes not using enough dodges and defense, if it works for that character then it’s all about using imagination.

Players who are absent cannot be challenged. If a player must go on away during a fight, the challenge will be suspended for their time period (if none is given it defaults to 2 weeks) and without a reply or update, the challenge will then default.

Powerplay is prohibited (unless agreed upon prior and this must be declared at the beginning of a fight).

No fight post can be edited once it has been posted. If you have forgotten a tag, unintentionally forgot to close HTML, etc, contact a staff member for assistance!

If the challenge is an official one kingdom or another character, then it can only be one at a time. If just a mock fight, then a player can be in several at once.