|OPEN| your catharsis is beautiful.

- 20 Years
Played by siat-s
The stars were like pinpricks in the sky above her as she stood fetlock deep in the beach sand. She barely noticed them, the galaxy wheeling above her in all its cosmic influence--something had caught her attention. Whatever it was lurked in the dunes not far off from her, while a slight breeze rustled through the salty grass. The skinny mare, antlered and a tangle of bones and too-long fur, shuddered. 

It had followed her from the meadow. 

She could smell it, taste it. It hid in the tall grass, waiting for her to let down her guard and take her like an eagle takes a rabbit. Her nostrils quivered in a heavy, rattling snort as her curled ears trained on the spot in the sand and grass she knew it lurked. A brief moment of respite found her as the moon sailed gaily out from behind a cloud--but the moon brought with her more shadows for the creature to hide itself away in.

She should run. 

But the beach sand wasn’t meant for a get-away sprint. Instead, Wendigo could only stand shaking, fear lacing its way through her red mortal heart like a drug. Muscles taught, hair risen along her spine; the tall mare was, as always, the prey to her monster’s predator: a deer caught in headlights.

She only hoped it wouldn’t hurt when the inevitable crash came.

never wake; never wake from this coma.
- Immortal
Played by Russell
Soggy, lost.

It was nothing new.

Screams, beckoning, like crying seagulls along the coastline. Trees, swinging under the breeze, more natural than the creaking and cracking of Gran Bede. Foreign lands offered particular delights, ready to fill the hunger that quakes in the belly of the green beast.

Ravenous, starving- bleeding.

The hunger, it itches. It digs bone-bare nails that scrape into her gut, digging deep into the edges of her belly and scraping up the sides of her lungs. A ferocious need that stings, and makes her insides bleed, dragging her forward like a chained mutt. Through the sands and through the trees, upon an antlered creature.

Similar and different. Shivering, shaking, staring off into the distance, like the world dared open up and swallow it- her- whole. Gritty and unclean, tainted by the sea and the rain, stained with mud that sprinkles her flesh, hiding away the mud-paint and the scares. Flesh wounds and skin-carvings, drawn into green meat by heated sticks and stones. “Kisa ou we…” Tempting, taunting- staring into the distance with a creature matching her- black and grey where she wears green and near-black.

What do you ssssee?” A whisper, scraping roughly against the flesh of the stranger, a toxic green entity lingering at the edge of the waters, the sea lapping at her ankles. “Gen monstr- isit laaaa…” Drunkenly, tiredly- a brutal hiss. What monsters are there here?

A tugging sensation, ripping at the edge of her face, yanking at a brutal mask she wears. Beads jingling, hair swinging, and the ocean mist painting their skins

- 20 Years
Played by siat-s
The whisper sent the skinny creature over the edge. An explosion of nervous energy combusted inside her, her hind legs kicking out in fright as her head shot up high, the antlers adorning her head pale in the night light. A snort left her as she hopped away like some kind of awkward bird trying to find purchase in a dead wind. She settles a few feet away, feathers positively ruffled had she had any--her nose drinking in the salty air greedily as she decided the same-horned mare was not the threat she had expected.

What do you see?

Nothing and everything all at once; she knew it was there, just barely out of reach, hidden in her peripheral vision. A nervous sweat had formed along her neck, accentuating the vertebrae that lined her spine. Still, there was no shame in her fear.

“You don’t need to see it to know it is there,’ she answered, her tone grave. Her curled ears poke forward, eyes watery and glittering beneath the forelock that hid the stark bone-white marking on her face.

“Are you telling it to leave,’ she asked, whatever innocence in the question lost in the demand that it was. Wendigo doubted anyone’s ability to force the creature away, but anyone willing to try was a damn sight more courageous than her. And bravery was to be encouraged, not hindered.

never wake; never wake from this coma.